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  1. Thanks DonpatchF, I seen their video as I did small research didnt know they do more of them, will surely watch them And as well I have finally done a GDD [url=""][/url] Here is a GDD please let me know how it is, how to improve it, the story is not done after all It is to be done by story writer, gameplay ideas still upcoming!
  2. Thanks, yes I did not really look up before but now I did, I am on fire with ideas for the game (RTS one) I am creating a GDD now so after I finish it I will upload it so I could get some feedback
  3. [quote name='Ashaman73' timestamp='1351163630' post='4993748'] There's not much game design present [img][/img] Game design is not story telling. Story telling and writing is part of a game like art and sound, but the core game mechanism are independent of the setting, even if they are incredible important for the final product. As example take warcraft and world of warcraft, both use the [i]same [/i]setting and storyline, but they are completly different games. So, as game designer you need to define game mechanism in more detail than '[i]kind of a RTS like Xyz[/i]'. Ie. you design a game mechanism around a distance weapon which is able to push an enemy around for a limited time, it is irrelevant if this weapon is the gravitiy gun from HL2, a force from Star Wars, a plasmid from bioshock or a wind spell from a fantasy rpg.[img][/img] [/quote] Thanks will get that in mind! I will try my best next time [img][/img] As I kinda wrote they are not finished they are just drafts of how I tired and tested my self [img][/img] EDIT: So a question, this was actually done before I did some research what does game designer do just like you told me, they dont come up with stories indeed however do you have any tips for a beginniner guy like me? I understand that I have to know how the mechanism works which well I did a bit like in the RPG more then on the RTS one so after defining the game idea mechanism whats after that? I really want to do game designing and be one at the moment all I can do is simply well QA, I do not see passion in big programming or anything that I could become pro at therefor when I read about Game Designer I kinda wanted to do that... I understand that I actually do not go well with RPG's yet so I think I will try and get the RTS done way into better way. I have the basic story which is needed now what I have to improve is game mechanics as you said "more details than "kind of RTS like Xyz" Any tips and more feedback?
  4. So hi there! recently there was boredness going in my head, nothing really much to do so I thought I would give something a go, I sometimes do tend to make little game ideas in my mind when trying to sleep at 4 AM (( insomnia )) which tend to be well all type of genera, from FPS, RPG and RTS, I have loads of ideas but for ideas you need ideas and story right? Well the point of the topic of this is if I could get some feedback what you think of the game ideas/story behind them [img][/img] Sadly I wont be doing any of the games because all I want is feedback, this is a TEST for me to see if I can do something like game designing. So here are the current two, NOT done nor finished, they are quick drafts: Tactical Naval Warfare Strategy Game in 3D (( not in 2.5 or 2d )) [quote]2015, Relationship between Republic of China (Taiwan) People's Republic of China is in danger, People's Republic of China claims that they are the rightful owners of the Penghu Island, Taiwan denies it and tried to calm the tension between People's Republic of China however the Communist China does not agree to any proposals from Taiwan and demands that Penghu Island becomes one of islands of China if not they will deploy its navy and army on the island, the aggression let's ROC understand that China wants the island very badly due newly discovered oil reserves. 2015 November 22nd China declares war on Taiwan demanding the island to be taken by China however the war happens only around the Penghu Island, Taiwan calls for its top allies which are United States of America and Japan however USA does not accept the call of its ally and becomes neutral due economic reasons with China however Japan goes into aid for Taiwan supporting it in Naval and Airforce ways, China, fighting on its own with a massive navy and Land Forces transported to the island is pushing pretty much up and is near victory however with great leadership skills of Taiwan and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces technology they manage to push the naval forces of China back a bit, European Nations are worried about the war, British, Italian and Polish top officials said that they will support Taiwan and Japan in its war of Penghu Island by sending supplies to them and so the war goes on, in the sea, air and land focused on Penghu Islands. You can play 2 sides, Chinese and Taiwanese with one mission playing as JMSDF, each side has their own mission ending, the game style is played by you, you decide what your ship should do, you will have a lot of decisions as Captain of a Destroyer/Frigate ((You can choose in the beginning of Single Player Mission)) and every decision you make it has a impact in the campaign. Your playable Captain's are: Taiwan: Captain He-ping Teng - Serious, charismatic, quiet China: Ming-hoa Kuang - Angry, intelligent, serious, leadership Japan: Naoki Tachibana (( Tachibana Naoki )) - Calm, intelligent, serious, charismatic leader. Or perhaps a feature where you can create your own Captain? Style of gameplay: The gameplay is rather complex, something similar to Silent Hunter and Armed Assault series, you are basically a Captain of a either Frigate or a Destroyer, as a Captain you have full control of the ship, you can zoom in into the ship looking inside the interior and exterior, to for example move the ship you press W and to go full speed you double tap W and to turn you simply press either A or D and to slow down press S however it works as a command to the Helmsman. You have strategic positions in your ships like CIC (Combat Information Center) this is where your ship gets information's on the enemy locations, incoming aircraft or rockets and finding enemies and so CIC is a place where your ship has their Gunnery Officer, his the one who is taking orders of opening fire at enemies, to open fire with your vessel you have to have positive ID on the enemy aircraft or ship which is done by CIC and asking for information's from friendly units when you have positive ID you then move your cursor to the target and right click on it and press "Attack" however you can as well give an order where CIC has a right to fire when positive ID is shown and when the enemy is close to the gun's range, all the commands are told by voice acting of the crew, new enemies sighted, enemies down, hit etc. The game view is full 3D not 2.5. [/quote] Fantasy Medieval set RPG: [quote]Our main character is Aragus, a young farmer in a newly found world set in medieval times, you came to this land with your family to seek better life however the great plains and forests were yet not discovered by the expedition ordered by King Etburn the Great. Your village name is called Breezeroad Glen, a newly created village in just discovered plains and forests you however were left unprotected by the law and however your father is a ex-soldier who tought along side with King's Army in the battle against Tribe of Tachan, the native humans who used to rule the land that King Etburn does now. Your life goes normal, one day your father asks you to go on the plains with the cows to get them fed (beginning of campaign) however something does not look right, you hear strange voices and sounds around you and in your mind however after your father comes to find you it goes away, you are scared and not sure what to do. The next morning a expedition team from His Majesty King Etburn visits your village however they look angry and decided to take every supplies you have stocked however arguments break out and no one allows them to do so however the Captain of the expedition team, Gothar gives a warning "Who shall not give their supplies to His Majesty will be hang for disloyalty" and this is when you village has to allow them to take the supplies but yet if anything bad couldn't happen after the army marches back to its camp you wake up in the middle of the night hearing screams far far away which comes from the military camp you do not know what is going on and you wake your father up, your father Halmar takes a sword and runs off outside ringing the warning bell but then everything went quiet, no more screams... but so long time waits the mysterious creatures, lizard like humans with spears, stone axes, shields and bows sneak by the village, hungry for human food, they move fast and are very good in combat, creatures never seen before, creatures that are similar to human tribes want their land back as they see them selfs as true rulers of these lands that invaders use. Those lizards have a lot of skills, fighting, hunting and even magic... And yet your village is just a village full of peasents and only your father was a ex-soldier yet old ages gets him, the lizard creatures commence attack, running fast and move quickly attacking by a suprise from a full circle throwing torches to burn the houses, farmers quickly run to get any type of weapons yet not many are even able to move as they get shot by a arrow or a spear but your father ran towards them yet your mather wanted to stop him but you two were told to hide, to protect your lifes you did so, hidden under a large broken cart. Yet you see your mother run off from it, running as fast as she can to help her husband shot in the leg by a arrow, you lock your eyes on her running, running and collapsing straight away, hit by a arrow in a chest twice bleeding heavily, even you are about to lost your parents you are too scared to get out, you do not move at all and wait silently for the lizard creatures to move on... A bright day, sun comes out and you wake up under a destroyed cart, the smell of burned flesh and houses gets to your nose and you realize what happened, you quickly get out from a cart and run to your father, who is laying down bleeding and about to pass away, you get to talk to him with last words and so he gives you a first quest of your life.... "Take my sword son, use it wisely and protect your self... You must run to the town of Aldar and report what happened here...." your father managed to tell his last words, you take his sword and remember how your father trained you to use it however your skills are worthless against a human, all you know is how to swing this rusty sword, on your way to the town you have a lot of danger, going by a forest full of wild animals, boars, large snakes, vicious foxes and goblins on your way you can go visit the destroyed military camp however its looted, every weapon and food was taken by the lizard creatures but you manage to find some bronze chagod (( currency )) and you go on your way, you fight off some animals but you are scared, you do not know how to fight nor how to survive in the woods but you still have that anger which keeps you going, the town is farely far away but you have a lot of places to stop by, other villages, hunters and so on maybe there you can ask for some work? money is what you need to survive in those time. After you get to the town you are stopped by the entrance by the town guards, having a lot of options how to explain how to get in either lie, comfront or tell the truth your character tells the truth and is immidietly told to go to the Town Mayor and Military Captain who is stationed in the town when you enter the town you see a lot of buildings, markets, inns and the Church of the Tannes, the God of Battle, Inspiration and Night, is shockingly beautiful, with fair skin, shoulder length, swirling dark brown hair, and eyes the color of lightning bolts. He is medium height and of average build, and often seems angry. He usually wears formal attire dyed dark aqua and pale yellow. His many followers can be primarily distinguished by the ritual greetings they use. There are many shrines to him at crossroads. There are many myths involving his tumultuous affairs with Ideael. He is the father of Vaiv. He is known to sometimes place obstacles in the way of mortals seeking vengeance. Church of the Tannes or Tannemism is the main religion of the Kingdom Of Cadedril. There are many other gods and those gods are given names like "Goddess of Night" the other following gods are: Deanael, the God of Law, Marriage and Tricksters, is eerily beautiful, with tanned skin, shoulder length, wavy black hair, and eyes the color of deep pools. He is tall and of hearty build, and has a faraway expression. He usually wears opulent robes dyed bright scarlet and silver. He is also associated with resurrection and debts. He is often worshipped by the poor. His large numbers of followers can be primarily distinguished by their hairstyle. There are a small number of shrines to him in small villages. There are many myths involving his one-sided relationship with certain mortals. He is the son of Ideael. He is known to appear to great mortal warriors. Mea, the Goddess of the Moon, is somewhat plain, with ivory skin, waist length, flowing dark brown hair, and eyes the color of dark earth. She is surprisingly short and very slender, and is usually laughing. She usually wears armor dyed dark red-violet. She is also associated with psychology, good and gambling. She is often worshipped by youths. Her vast flocks of followers can be primarily distinguished by the charms they carry with them. There are widespread shrines to her on islands. There are many myths involving her epic battles with Adaisol. She is the cousin of Ideael. She is known to send visions to random mortals. Elolera, the Goddess of Justice and Opposites, is somewhat plain, with ivory skin, long, bright red hair, and eyes the color of storm clouds. She is very short and muscular, and tends to look sad. She usually wears scant clothing, dyed green-brown. She is also associated with keys. She is often worshipped by women. Her many followers can be primarily distinguished by the way they conduct themselves. There are widespread depictions of her in large cities. There are many myths involving her vast travels with Vaiv. She is the sister of Ideael. She is known to sometimes hinder mortal heroes. Ideael, the Goddess of the Underworld and Destruction, is very beautiful, with ivory skin, short, rippling cinnamon hair, and eyes the color of shining silver. She is short and willowy, and has a faraway expression. She usually wears opulent robes dyed white. She is also associated with sacrifice and assassins. She is often worshipped by wanderers. Her many followers can be primarily distinguished by the weapons they bear. There are a respectable amount of altars dedicated to her in mountains. There are many myths involving her enduring friendship with Mea. She is the sister of Elolera. She is known to help mortal warriors. Vaiv, the God of Mysteries and the Stars, is almost plain-looking, with ashen skin, short, wavy flaming red hair, and eyes the color of the green sea. He is average height and muscular, and looks somewhat malicious. He usually wears robe dyed black and orange. He is also associated with the forest and magic. He is worshipped by magicians and scientists. His few followers can be primarily distinguished by the robs they wear. There are numerous shrines to him on roads to monastery and towns. There are many myths involving his great debates with Ideael. He is the son of Deanael. He is known to sometimes hinder mortal leaders. Vaoal, the God of Arrogance, Messengers and Secrets, is surprisingly plain, with ivory skin, short, bright red hair, and eyes the color of black opals. He is surprisingly short and muscular, and often seems angry. He usually wears little clothing, dyed red-orange. He is also associated with memory. He is often worshipped by youths. His almost fanatical followers can be primarily distinguished by the rites they perform. There are a few shrines to him near lakes. There are many myths involving his unlikely friendship with Adaisol. He is the son of Vaiv. He is known to occasionally mislead mortals seeking forgiveness. Walking in the town makes you feel safe and protected by the gods, as you arrive to the Mayor and Captain which the names of them are [Mayor] Picumar and [Captain] Madarlon you explain what happened to the village and military camp near it and of course about the lizard creatures, they were shocked, never seen native creatures like humans ruling the land, after the whole explanation Captain Madarlon says that he is going back to the mainland to let the King know, the town Mayor however does not believe you, after Captain Madarlon leaves he tells you if you will tell around stories you will be arrested and executed. You are now no one... officially a human without a profession, work and home but what is there to do? A lot... become a adventurer, join the Monastery of Vavi and become a magician and a follower of Vavi however that process is extremely hard! The followers of Vavi are great alchemists and wine makers as well! You can as well join the Expeditionary Army in the Peachsail Valley in the biggest town called Dalemeat City or either join the Rebellion against the tirrany of the King Etburn on its people, the rebels are the people that were pushed around by the King or are orphan's because of him and they believe he needs to pay for what he is done and this is where you as well side with the Lizard Creatures but that will not work for long as they tend to use the trust of humans and then back stab them... Your objective in the adventure is to kill the Tribe leader of the Lizard creatures, the one that killed your father and mother and revenge them but to do so there is a lot to do, loads to be done and you wont have your revenge quickly. Loads of quests and side quests, you have to improve your self before you fight the final boss of your adventures. Every faction has that ending, factions are there to make the game more interesting, Monastery of Vavi to become a magician and use magic like fire, ice and thunder HOWEVER that is not only magic avaliable, the lizards have their own god and magic, their magic is more into black magic, death magic. Expeditionary Army of King Etburn is easiest route of getting into the Tribe Leader, the name of it says it all. The gameplay is all about character progression! sword, axe, lances and bows those all weapons have their own skills, to improve a skill in fighting in certain weapon you have to learn it first and learning costs but before that you have to find a teacher. After you learn how to use the weapon better the animation of you using the weapon is different, your character moves more and fights more like a professional and improving the fighting skill with the weapon gives more damage. There are more skills than just weaponry, athletics, sneaking, thief, alchemy and magic each of those skills have sub-skills and they are requirements to improve the main skills, for example Sword fighting, to improve it you need more strength and athletic skills, for distance weapons you need more dexterity and athletics if you want to get better in that skill. Using weaponry is a not click and your character attacks, you have to control the attacks so to attack you have to lock on the target with holding right mouse click and then press either W,A,D - W means slash forward, A - means slash right and D means slash left with your weapon, bow either way is different, you simply lock on the target, get your bow on full charge holding W and then release W to fire, magic is the same as distance weaponry. You of course have dialogues to choose what you want to tell NPC (( with voice acting and under subtitles )) what you say impacts the trust you gain from people so choose wisely what you say to certain people, learn about them, what they like and hate because if you make them hate you, you either destroy your quest, they attack you or simply do not want to trade or talk with you.[/quote] Concept Art to show what I mean by Lizard Creatures! (( I probably should come up with a name for their race so well here it: Firjard's )) [url=""]http://img507.images...913/mtwofd7.jpg[/url] (( Warrior )) [url=""]https://www.cs.bingh...-Lizard_man.jpg[/url] (( Spearman/Archer )) [url=""]http://fc08.devianta..._by_Geldrin.png[/url] (( Shaman )) [url=""]http://www.elfwood.c...on/garsham2.jpg[/url] (( Shaman )) Concept art not made by me, found around the internet. Please give me feedback, tell me what I need to fix, what I should not do next time, WHAT I have done good in it etc. Thank you! and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing it. P.S. Pardon for any grammar mistakes, I'm Polish [img][/img]