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  1. 2d Isometric Texturing

    ooh, those look good- wish you coulda posted em' a little earlier as I'm off to bed now- i'll put those under favorite and check em' out tomorrow when i get off work.. thanks a lot!
  2. 2d Isometric Texturing

    Hey guys- I've been working on a game for gamemaker studio and we've decided on a 2d isometric view. Now, overall my skill level with all types of game making is very low. (I've only been at it a total of about 4-5 months). So just keep that in mind when talking to me (think of me as a first grader when it comes to all of this lol). The program of choice that i've decided on is Gimp. I downloaded gimp about a week ago and have since found wonderful tutorials on how to create space environments and planets to use. This will obviously be a good portion of the game art considering it is a space game, after all. However, where I'm running into problems finding tutorials is the actual creation of 2d isometric sprites (such as buildings, characters, ect). I haven't really been able to find tutorials that show how to go from start to finish on making the buildings. Luckily, through my own trial and error, I have figured out how to make the buildings, now I have to figure out how to texture them. I've posted an example of what I have been able to accomplish with the 2d isometric grid that I downloaded. If you guys could either give me some tips or show me some step by step tutorials on how to texture these things, I would be forever grateful.