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  1.   I mean, we would first start the project, and then fund it through kickstarter.com. If the project is successfully funded, we will pay them for their license.   Won't they accept payment by some percentage of game sale ? Like UE4 does for 5% each sale.     The comic we have chosen doesn't has any games out there for now. But fans are looking for it. We have our own H&S type story but how many people can we interest with it (like without getting to know the story and just seeing a half finished protoype on kickstarter)? 
  2. I'm currently planning on making a game with my team. The story of the game will be from Marvel/DC Comics but will be edited a bit to suit the gameplay (Just like TV shows and movies editing the main story to make it fit the movie and to be futuristic.).   What I am worried is about the copyright from Marvel/DC Comics. There are many games based on the comic characters and even TV Shows. Is it possible to ask for copyright from Marvel/DC Comics or can we just add their logo to the game loading screen and be good to go ?   Should we start with the project and then contact them or can we contact them first ? And if we get the license, is it just for the comics ot are we allowed to follow the TV Shows and movies for their story line.. We dont mind paying royalty, but will they wait till our beta gets funded on kickstarter ?   Can I get some advise on this ?
  3. Thanks for the review. Yeah the toys and player textures were made sometime after the competetion ended. I spent soo much time on character controller [walking, jumping] and the camera to work perfectly. 4 days spent on it and I couldn't polish the AI movements + the shooting controls. Waiting for next years competetion.
  4. Sorry about rocket powered opertives :P We couldn't finish the game. The objective was to reach he other end which should have been like a white door. Controls were updated on blog post
  5.   no from 5 judges, only 3 will play a game and decide scores for each game.
  6. Not 100% sure, 3 of the judges are done, and the 4th is nearly done. but we haven't heard from one of the judges since the day the competition ended, so the worse case is that I will give him till friday to complete things, so at the moment I'll have everything released this friday, but if the judge pops up tomorrow and has everything done, then we'll be done very shortly, but as it stands, expect it friday at worse.     Waiting for the results :D Has soo much fun, can't this competition be held twice a year :P 
  7.   Maybe a day would be awesome :3
  8.   today level designing and texturing will be done. We will be able o sumbit the game.
  9. http://kks21199.mrgoogleglass.com/gamedev/oh-yeah-5th-day/   Here is a small update on camera. Test it and comment bugs out :3   Other things are still being done. Hope we get to finish it in time unless if there is any extra time given  :P   which is not gonna happen.   I have been reading through all of your blogs and everyone have been doing a great job and I have learned alot in this 5 days.
  10. Day 2 : Entry   http://kks21199.mrgoogleglass.com/day-2-logo-and-plans/
  11. might want to double check the threads on the lounge =-P Main contest thread is up here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/661224-the-week-of-awesome-ii-the-competition-thread/     Cool theme! Can I clarify the timezone though (this will be relevant at crunch time when the competition is drawing to an end) - The OP says the timezone is EST/GMT-5 but it looks like the competition started at 4am GMT, which is an hour early. Am I right in thinking that you are observing DST (Daylight Savings Time) and the competition timezone is actually EDT(which is EST+1)/GMT-4 ?     Yeah it was started a hour earlier so it is GMT -4. OP said it was GMT -4 at first then changed it GMT -5
  12. Ah thats a good one. Was waiting for this theme a long time :P Update  : http://kks21199.mrgoogleglass.com/gamedev/its-out/
  13.   Use OpenGl 4 or DirectX 11. There are plenty of tutorials out there which you can view.    There is a book called "Game Engine Architecture"  :    You might want to read it to understand how a Game Engine is built.
  14. this sounds like an interesting idea, can't wait to try it=-) i've updated the first post with all the new blogs, and people participating, let me know if i missed anyone. also @sugavanas: do we have a team name for you guys?! so, here we are coming into the last weekend before the competition. I hope everyone is getting pumped up for it, just ~72 hours till we begin!   A small update,   our modeler is David. Robert couldn't make it next week.   our team name is : Rocket-Powered Operatives
  15. Hey guys,   Here is our blog : http://kks21199.mrgoogleglass.com/gamedev/     It is my portfolio.I just edited out a part so I can give updates for the competition. I know the blog is not attractive.