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  1. chatwing live chatbox software for your sites

    Also regarding gaming:   Chatwing is what your going to want to use for this to create your own gaming custom app: You can embed the chat directly into your website and customize every aspect, also Chatwing has "custom login" which allows you to integrate your existing login system and user base directly into the chat.   A similar gaming community Chatwing is being used on is Destiny Team Finder(not using custom login but you get the idea) here is the PS4 room to give you a real example of whats possible:   Also, the really unique part about using Chatwing is that they have a chat app builder service so you can get a custom chat app that integrates your existing chats from your website, for example here is the Destiny Team Finder iOS+Android app that is powered by chatwing, you can see the same chats from the website above are in that, they have 4 different channels inside the app, i suggest test it out for yourself. Destiny Android Chat App powered by Chatwing Destiny iOS Chat App powered by Chatwing   Here is more info about the Chat App Service from Chatwing, it's really the only service on the web that makes this possible:
  2. chatwing live chatbox software for your sites

    Hey guys i would like to provide a Chatwing update, Chatwing now has an iOS+Android app so you can control your room directly from your phone and get alerts.   Also Chatwing can also provide you your own real time iPhone, iPad + Android chat app with many features including having dedicated video rooms and expert chats, here is more info:
  3. Games need a live chat room

    If you are a gamer you can discuss tips, walkthroughs, and other information through the simple Chatwing application. Also you can carry Chatwing everywhere coz Chatwing chat widget is now on the mobile scale.  This chat application can be used for different online purposes such as blogging, social media expansion, and even online marketing.  The Chatwing chat application is geared to become mobile-friendly, flexible, and versatile.  
  4. Chatwing’s free chatbox is now available for thousands of new and professional Livejournal bloggers. This chat application excels in creating bridges of communication for bloggers and web surfers. Chatwing also allows everyone to utilize the power of social media. Chatwing takes pride on its chat tool’s easy installation mechanism.