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  1. The problem is within the concept itself. Who would ever want to be the sheep that is hunted by wolves? The opening post clearly describes that being the wolves should be a PK-role, not only one side of a balanced pvp situation. If the sheep gets a specific role withing the confrontation for example by giving the sheep abilities to escape or making the sheep agree to a hide and seek game, its not the same as if the sheep wants to do something else like mining and is surprisingly ambushed. A PK requires victims, real victims. It also requires the amount of sheeps to be >>> the amount of wolves. Why should a majority of people want to play the sheep for a low number of wolves? I don't think a concept like that would ever work. Maybe it gets more interesting when the wolve is not the topmost of the games food chain. Let's add humans. Example:[list] [*]Players can kill each other [*]Killing players give the PK an 'outcast' status ( he becomes the wolve ) [*]Wolves can't enter cities and use other parts of the game anymore, that keeps the amount of wolves small [*]Hunting wolves gives a nice reward for humans [*]Whenever the amount of wolves increase, humans have increased motivation to hunt them down and make the land save again, so sheep can go sheeping again [/list] -> PKs can have the '[i]hunt[/i]' and still be a minority in a world of not-PKs. The possibility to play the wolves is "[i]paid[/i]" by being the outcast and thus having other disadvantages.
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