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  1. I have been batting around an idea for a few years of a mobile strategy game and recently I have been laying out an outline for this mobile game to put on Android and iOS. A lot of logistics had to be developed first before I could go ahead and figure out what I need (and still investigating). ...which is where you "may" come in. I need people interested in the following fields with the development of this game: -Android/iPhone coder/s -testers (once a build is in alpha form) -writers -artist/s (spots filled) I'm looking to have (besides testers) about 2 to 5 people interested in the above area/s. Gaming knowledge as well as interest in gaming is a must. This will be a slow project that will take months to develop and I cannot promise anything other than experience in development at this time until a game review and sales model can be drafted. Once we get things up to speed on its development and have a tiny bit to show for it I'll produce a kickstarter program to help boost monetary investments to help the project along further. If interested message me and let me know your expertise and gaming interests as well as portfolio images/website. I'll select from the submissions the team right for this project. I do plan on offering money at a later date, but as of now this is strictly an experienced based project. All applicants will be reviewed and those best qualified will be notified. All members will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before they can start. You can also message me at my website contact page www.shaneholman.com
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