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  1. Some updates. Got tree growth and moving platforms this week. You can see a more detailed discussion of what's going on with the game on our devlog  
  2. Latest gameplay vid:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JqP9zv8cj-U
  3. Lately we've been working at adding some more variety to our palette. Also, please have a look at our IndieDB page.     
  4. New video shows the latest snippet of gameplay! Please have a look, subscribe, comment, and etc etc. Thank you!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9zxU1BRix4
  5. Well that scared the piss out of me but I got annoyed because I couldn't find the keys. Am I supposed to smash the boxes?
  6.   It's been a few months since I posted the first info about the game here on this forum. I hope it's okay to start a new topic! I got some really inspiringly positive feedback from that and I sure would like to repeat it.    Not to say, of course, that I don't also want criticism!    Sprout the Game is a side-scrolling adventure puzzle game due out for Xbox Live and PC some time this summer. Taking place in a far-future world in which all life has been extinguished  you play as the embodiment of Hope, restoring Life and crossing gaps and killing monsters by planting trees and restoring color.    We are fast approaching Beta, though we are admittedly months behind schedule. We need your support! Please follow us on Twitter , Facebook, and our Blog! Especially our Blog! And also especially our Twitter!    Okay, here is our latest video showing our music, sound effects, some early animations, some gameplay mechanics, and more!
  7. You can find them here in the Classified section... I did.
  8. You won't know how long things take until you have some experience doing them. You need to write your GDD and find your team. Start talking to them about setting their own goals/deadlines, and then work with them through those initial expectations. After that, you'll have a better idea and might be able to set up some kind of reliable schedule. 
  9. Wow thank you so much for the feedback! You're definitely right about skipping over more of that stuff! That was the first time I'd had to record my voice for anything serious and it was excruciatingly awkward and difficult- I had no idea what I was doing    That's really nice advice about leaving part of the terrain unbounded as well, I'll be sure to do something similar on our next video :)   I'll definitely submit a screeny to that, thanks for pointing it out!   In case anyone is interested, you can follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SproutGame   and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sprout-the-Game/111459519032488   Thanks again, that feedback is huge to me.
  10. [attachment=13357:sprout logo updated.png]   Hey guys, we just finished up our first video of our game. It's all very early stuff so far, but it's just far too exciting to keep to myself! Using our editor to build a level!   In Sprout, you will control a mysterious main character through a desolate world, bringing life and color back as you go. The game's due out for XBLIG some time this summer.    Here's a link to our dev blog!   Please let me know what you think!
  11. Oh, definitely. Everyone should be talking about everything, all the time.    Sorry I misunderstood 
  12. King, if you draw up a detailed GDD with a list of assets needed and a list of features needed everything might start falling into place. Your programmer and artist friend might be willing to join you and even follow you if you can present them a clear, clear, clear vision of your project. They'll want to know exactly what they're signing up for.    Personally, I disagree that most small teams don't have set roles. Dividing labor up properly is the way to go, imo.   As for you- there's always room for a person with a plan. Scheduling, marketing, level design, character concepts (even bad art can be very helpful to your artist), recruitment, budgeting, enemy design, story-boarding, etc.    But again- don't start anything until you have your GDD. Shoot for 5-8 pages at first. I suggest Googling GDD examples and basing yours off whichever one best suits your style/abilities. 
  13. This is not the proper way to handle the problem. If your team has lost interest in the project this early into the game, you have serious problems. Or more accurately- they do.    Some things that I would suggest in order to boost productivity- Create a mandatory "check-in". Something they have to write once a week that says what they have accomplished over the last seven days. The fear of having nothing to write will keep everyone moving. Talk to them every day. Ask what they are working on. Find out if they need help. Create a list of short-term goals. For an artist: "Character design finished by the 20th of February". But make them set their OWN GOALS. Use shorter times if you want to get a feel for how serious they are. If they fail to meet THEIR OWN goals multiple times, it's time to let them go. There's a lot of talent in this world, there's no reason to hold on to people who don't want to work. Accomplishments motivate. Anything that is done by any member of the time needs to be immediately hoisted up the flagpole and paraded through the offices. LOOK AT WHAT HAS BEEN DONE. WE ARE THIS MUCH CLOSER TO MAKING A GAME. If you just keep working and waiting for them to come around, you are going to be disappointed. They mean well, but if their hearts aren't in it, their hearts aren't in it.    I feel like this post came off sounding accidentally too harsh. I don't mean it to be. Everyone is different. There is a possibility that your guys just are in a lull. Who knows? What has worked for me might not work for you. Anyway, the point is, I hope it gets sorted and I wish you seriously the very best of luck!  
  14. I could probably show you mine. Email me at tomasmurcu@gmail.com
  15. Try this. Fantasy Name generator. http://www.rinkworks.com/namegen/   Also speaking personally, making up names (even real world names) is one of the most difficult things in writing. It's a tall order to expect to crowd source this one, but good luck all the same!