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  1. Begining an editor

    64-bit pre-built binaries of Qt for VS2012 is on its way
  2. You are trying to do the initialization-seperate-from-declaration in the class declaration which is not allowed. You probably should be doing something like this: [source lang="csharp"] World[] W = new World[10]; World[] O = new World[2] { new World(-1.6, 1.6, -1.0, 1.0, function.julia, 500), new World(-0.5, 1.5, 01.25, 1.25, function.mandelbrot, 500) }; [/source] Code not tested.
  3. A more objective comparison: [url="http://cpprocks.com/a-comparison-of-c11-language-support-in-vs2012-g-4-7-and-clang-3-1/"]http://cpprocks.com/a-comparison-of-c11-language-support-in-vs2012-g-4-7-and-clang-3-1/[/url] Note that this comparison table doesn't count the November CTP.
  4. [quote name='Ravyne' timestamp='1354956277' post='5008436'] That's not quite a fair statement, at least for VS2012 -- none of the current compilers have full C++ 11 support and each of them implement a different set, so some features might be implemented in one platform and the same feature might be missing from another. Also, some of the compilers that "support" a feature might offer partial support, or support in a way that's not perfectly standards-conforming. In terms of overall support, the major compilers are not that far apart. That said, VS lacks support for some of the cooler features like uniform initializers and variadic templates, for which other compilers offer at least some support. [/quote] I am doing cross platform development and MSVC is the only compiler that stops me using the C++11. I can use almost all parts of the standard with GCC, good luck with that with VC. To be fair VS2012 had some basic support for C++11. November CTP added some more, but it doesn't update the STL and intellisense not working. So basically, it's [b]severely lacking[/b] compared to other compilers.
  5. Hi. You dont need to calculate all the factors, or check whether they are prime or not. You just need to divide the number starting from 2 until you reach a prime number. I have written something quickly and it seems to be working. [source lang="cpp"] #include <stdio.h> int main() { int number; printf("Enter number: "); scanf("%d", &number); for (int i = 2; i < number; ++i) { while (number % i == 0) number /= i; } printf("Biggest prime: %d\n", number); return 0; } [/source]