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  1. Best language to code my game

    yeah I get it.. thanks for the help so far.. :-)
  2. Best language to code my game

    yeah it's 2D. you're being really helpful here. thanks. So then I'm gonna proceed with this Slick and Java.. Is there any other things I should be worried about?
  3. Best language to code my game

    Yeah It's helpful. I haven't create any games with Java. google says I should use jmonkey engine but yet I have no idea what is it or how to do it. So currently gathering information about them if you could help or suggect good tutorials it'll be a great help. Java is ok. But I thought it is not speciffically designed for AI programming, one of my friend said if I could use a language which provide better facilities for AI that would be a great help. what do you think? They are asking for AI tank not a playable game. GUI is only for display what is happening
  4. Hi friends..! Need little help here to choose a language to code my 2nd year project assignment. We are given to develop a 'Tank game' which will ultimately play over a network. maximum four players can join the game, there is a server application runnig on a server machine and each player need to connect to that server. Our assignment is to develop the player application. So each of our batch mates have to develop a player applicatioin which is intelligent and should be able to take decisions(e.g- turn, shoot , move) in order to win over other players. So my requirements for the language are should support AI algorithms GUI creation network communication I have quite a knowladge of Java and C. But I thought it could be easier if I can use a language which design to work with AI programming, but I don't know whether they will meet my other requirements. I'm kind of a quick learner so I can manage to learn a new language and work with it. So if you can suggest me some ideas it will be very helpful. And any ideas on this assignment, or how I should start it etc. are welcome. thank you very much...!!! P.S - If my description doesn't make sense. please ask me I'll explain ot again, because I really want to win this game.