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  1. Sorry if this has been asked a hundred times, but I just spent a half-hour on google and couldn't find an answer- Is there any way to develop apps on a jailbroken iphone on windows (or linux) for free? I'd just like to play with making games for my own ipod touch, to see if it's something I would be interested in, so I don't want to spend the money to buy a mac (or pay apple's ridiculous $100 yearly fee), or shell out the money for DragonFire or Marmalade, and I'd rather not go through the trouble of making a hackintosh. Thanks
  2. I need guidance

    What got me started on game programming was playing with Warcraft III's world editor program. It's really easy to open it up and start making your own game out of it by building a few levels and making custom units. And you can do a LOT with it once you begin playing with the Trigger editor and start writing custom scripts. After a few months I got to the point where I was practically rewriting the game's code (i made an action game out of it, where each player gets one unit that they could control directly with the arrow keys), and at that point I realized I could probably write a basic game from scratch and began making Flash games So I guess my point is that you should give modding a try. There are a lot of great games out there that ship with level editors and modding tools, and after reading a tutorial or two you'll be able to start executing your ideas (and playing them) immediately
  3. What are my chances?

    hehe nevermind, you've already answered my question:
  4. What are my chances?

    Thanks for the quick reply- I'm putting together a decision grid now. The two main options so far are "stay in SE Asia and work on portfolio" and "move to SF bay area and look for work" (that's still one of the main Game Programming hotbeds right?) When you say "no one will hire you remotely", do you mean for working remotely, or that even if it's a job where i'll work on-site (and i'll relocate at my own expense) they won't hire me until they've seen me in the flesh? The bay area is expensive (especially compared to here), so if I could conduct my job search from here it would probably save me a good chunk of cash!
  5. Hi everybody; I'm a long time lurker, first time poster, looking for some career advice I'm a US citizen and I've been making games in my spare time on and off for the last 6 years- first making warcraft III mods, then flash games, and recently i've been building a game in C using OpenGL. I just graduated with a BA in Mathematics (CS Minor), and now I'm traveling/living in SE Asia. I've always coded as a hobby, but I recently started thinking about doing it professionally. Presently, I don't have much to show potential employers besides my non-CS degree, and some proof-of-concept looking game demos- I've never actually built a game from start to finish (if i weren't distracted by school and other bits of life, then a new idea would seduce me away from my current project), and from what I've read this looks bad to potential employers. And I don't have any professional programming experience or internships on my resume (besides a Flash port of a crappy iphone game I did for somebody over the course of a week, but it's not that good and I've read that you're better off not showing people such things) I'm considering two options: one would be coming back to the states and looking for an entry-level job with a game company as a junior programmer. The other would be finding a startup company and working for them remotely from here in SE Asia- my cost of living here is only 600 bucks a month, and I'd be willing to work my ass off for that much if I could also get some equity and I believe in the game that they're building. Do either of these options sound the least bit feasible, or are they pipe-dreams given my current credentials? And if they're pipe dreams, what would be some good ways to improve my credentials? Working on (and completing) a game on my own? Finding a team and working with them on a freeware game? Or seeking out a non-gaming programming job and getting some professional experience? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated, even if it's negative. Thanks!