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  1. RPG How To

    both. how do i use the tiled and how do i use it in my game. im running eclipse and slick2d.
  2. RPG How To

    I know about tiled but how do I use it? any tutorials?
  3. RPG How To

    Hello, So I have learned the basics and have been able to create a game window with Eclipse and Slick2D. Made a back ground with a .jpg and made a .png image to move around the screen with the keyboard. I want to start to make my RPG but how do I go about doing that? How do I make the map? How to do I make the levels and all that good stuff.
  4. HELP!

    But how do I make something like Tetris. I'm not very skilled.. All i know is how to make it say "hello world" To Shippou: I opened the text document but it popped up in anything but english. Any advice?
  5. HELP!

    I made my first Hello World! It got confusing at one part because at the point where Eclipse is trying to make you put in System.out.println("Hello world!") it didn't tell me to put the ending command " ; " or even where to put it, but I figured it out thanks to Youtube. I wish this program knew i was a extreme newbie at this stuff. So I was able to successfully create my first application.. now what? What's the next step in this learning process?
  6. HELP!

    I downloaded jdk 7 but I am unsure how to open it. Any advice?
  7. HELP!

    I want to start to write in java but i have no idea where to start or how to. i have tried looking for tutorials but have had no luck. please someone help me. point me in the right direction with programs and such