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  1. OpenGL OpenGL in Java

    Ok thanks.
  2. OpenGL OpenGL in Java

    I am using the LWJGL tutorials on NEHE now, thanks. I wonder though if OpenGL in Java would be powerful enough for something like a 3D multiplayer game or will it be as powerful as OpenGL?
  3. I have been trying to learn how to use OpenGL with Java, primarily using LWJGL. The only problem is that I can't find many tutorials for it. I was wondering if it was possible to learn OpenGL using other language tutorials. I mean would the C++ tutorials be usable for Java, with a little modification.
  4. I guess I can find a way around it with Blender. Thanks for the quick responses!
  5. I know this might sound stupid but it's the fact that I don't have a mousewheel and therefore can't change orientation.
  6. Thanks for the quick answer. The thing is I've tried Blender and found it very hard to use, especially since I'm on a laptop. I am looking for another program that can be used in conjuction with LWJGL.
  7. Could someone please name a couple of free programs I could use to make models for use in a 3D game made with LWJGL. Thanks in advance!
  8. Which language should i choose?

    I started out with Python. It's easy to learn, user-friendly and there is plenty of tutorials to help get you started. I would recommend using it with PyGame for game development. PyGame is a very good starting API to use. [url=""][/url] Then I would learn Java if I were you, once I had a firm grasp on game programming of course.
  9. Java3D Tutorials?

    OK Thanks!
  10. Java3D Tutorials?

    I've decided to attempt to learn Java3D. I have a book which a lot of people seem to recommend, "Killer Game Programming in Java". The problem is the book starts off a bit too advanced and I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to get tutorials. I have already finished the tutorials on
  11. 3D gaming in Java?

    Thanks but would JOGL be the right API if I was just trying to get the feel for 3D game programming?
  12. Hello I'm am a relatively new game programmer and a huge fan of Java over C++ for its syntax and user-friendly-ness. I was wondering if 3D gaming in Java would a bit too complicated for someone with the basics of 2D programming.