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  1. Hi! I wrote object pool. This is single-header library for fast object allocation. All objects inside of the pool placed in a contiguous memory block to be cache-friendly. Detailed description is in repository. Here is some examples: class Foo { private: int fooBar; public: Foo() {} Foo(int foobar) : fooBar(foobar) {} }; ... Pool<Foo> pool(1024); // make pool with default capacity of 1024 objects Handle<Foo> bar = pool.Spawn(); // spawn object with default constructor Handle<Foo> baz = pool.Spawn(42); // spawn object with any args // do something // return object to pool pool.Return(bar); pool.Return(baz); Results of tests are in attached files. Please, criticize it and give me some feedback.
  2. OpenGL Lightmapping

    This is non-directional lightmap (according to this paper ).
  3. OpenGL Lightmapping

    Currenly, i'm done lightmap save\load. You can test it right here: Controls are the same.
  4. OpenGL Lightmapping

    What video card do you use? This error occurs when wglCreateContext failed.
  5. Hello guys! Few months ago i'm started to create simple 3D engine on the pure C and OpenGL 1.4. Here is the result of my work.   And from here you can download and test the demo: Controls in demo: [WSAD] - movement, [Space] - jump, [C] - crouch, [Q][E] - turn on\off lights. Lightmap generation time is about 3 minutes, so be patient. PS. Sorry for my english.
  6. DSP. Reverb

    Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi guys! I'm new in digital sound processing. Few months ago i started searching info about DSP and reverberation. Since then i create a simple reverberator. My reverberator contains 'early reflections' stage( which is done with simple feedback delay network ) and 'late reflections' stage ( which is done with four all-pass filters in series and 4 lowpass feedback comb filter in parallel ). This combination produce a reverberation effect, but it is kinda unrealistic. So, i want you to give me some links to papers about reverberation.   Here is my sound engine demo.   P.S. Sorry for bad english.  
  8. ProjectF Sound Engine

    Aressera Wow. This is exciting! I try to realize similar things in my engine.
  9. Hello everybody! Sorry for my english. This is my recent project called ProjectF. This is sound engine based on OpenAL. Main emphasis is on sound effects, like a reverb and sound environment. The main idea - 'zone'. What is 'zone'? Zone is a AABB( axis-aligned bounding box ) or sphere, which uses one of 110 reverb presets. Also you can control air wetness in each zone to create realistic effect in propagation of sound. And second idea is obstacles. Just listen this   And download the demo and the engine in attachment.
  10. Boxes

    Hello everyone! Sorry for my bad english[img][/img], i'm from Russia. Here is the my project. I called game "boxes", because in this game you must put all numbered boxes on their places on the map. There is many ways to do it. Like a: take a box and use the gravity booster to reach the destination point. And others. "Destination point" is the - "box" marked "Here!". You have the magnet gun. You can pull some objects to you. Also, you can pull yourself to the static objects. Control: WASD - movement. Space - activate gravity booster. Left mouse button - throw object. Right mouse button - magnet object and take it, if close enough. E - drop object. Mouse wheel - change focus distance of the magnet gun. Enjoy!