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  1. Looking for knowledgable friends

    yea, not looking for people to join a team yet. got nothing much to show to interest anyone to join a team. just like to meet like minded people.
  2. Im starting a Web Game Project from scratch. I have built a game shell in Classic ASP and MSSQL but decided that since Classic ASP is dead basically to make the project in a wider supported language(PHP MYSQL). I will eventually need a designer to make the game look pretty. But am currently just mucking about with the Linux Box and the Beginning code. Basically what i am looking for is people with the same interestes to chat about ideas and help each other in the same types of endeavors. I use Skype and generally am working on code between 7 and 11 Mountain Time. By Web Game i mean a game playable in a browser but not a flash game or anything like that. its a page to page MMO which lots of people appear to enjoy as any computer with a browser and internet can play it. It will be a huge undertaking for a single person [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png[/img] and its hard to keep motivated when none of your friends know more then how to turn a computer on and browse porn.
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