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  1. Yes. I have backface culling enabled. If the verticies aren't correct that's probably the reason why one of the triangles isn't showing up. I'll get them set up correctly and try again. Edit: The indices order was the problem. Switching it to (2,1,0,2,0,3) makes it work.
  2. I'm trying to draw an image into a window using OpenGL, but I can't seem to get it to draw both the triangles for the quad. It only draws one of them. I'm using two VBOs and a VAO with glDrawElements to draw. The code for the scene and the GL renderer are in the links below as well as a link to an image of the rendered single triangle. scene2d.cpp: [url=""][/url] ecglrenderer.cpp: [url=""][/url] image: [url=""][/url] What's the problem here? How would I go about debugging this issue? Thanks, Chris