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  1. Thank you speedRun I will check it
  2. first of all thanks for your reply GeniusPooh.I am sorry I didn't get all of it.I mean I am already unprojecting mouse positions at at both near and far plane in 3D world.what I want is to change the near point to player's position.I can't seem to get that working.As you can see I have tried to translate the near point to player's position and then calculated the direction of arrow from near near point to far point.But it still not working.Where am I wrong?
  3. Hello, I am making this 3rd person shooting game in which there is a player and enemies in the 3D world and I want to shoot arrows at the enemies.What I want is to control the cross hair of the player via the mouse.The problem is mapping mouse coordinates to 3D world.Now I am well aware of the popular picking code at MSDN forum but that is for the First Person Camera.Mine is a Chase camera(the camera is positioned at some offset behind the player).I cant seem to understand how to give the proper direction and initial position of arrow so far I have used this but it fails. [b]Vector3 farSource = new Vector3(Mouse.GetState().X, Mouse.GetState().Y, 1); Vector3 farPoint = Game1.Instance.GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Unproject(farSource, camera.Projection, camera.View, Matrix.Identity); Game1.Instance.ModelManager.addModel("Arrow", (ModelPosition + new Vector3(0, 40, 0)), Vector3.Normalize(farPoint-Vector3.Normalize(ModelPosition+new Vector3(0,40,0)))*2.0f);[/b] Basically what I am trying to do is when the user presses right click on the mouse, a model of arrow is added to the 3D world whose initial position is that of player position plus some offset(so that shot is fired from the centre of player) and the direction is determined by subtracting far point from player position and then normalizing it.This is not working because shots are very offset from original mouse position.Please help.Thank you
  4. Making two vectors parallel

    Thank you all for replying "[b]slicer4ever[/b]" what you wrote worked but (even though the camera was behind the object) I had to explicitly add an offset value to the Y component of camera position to keep the camera up because it was at the same level as the object.I will really appreciate if you explain this "[b]camera.position = object.position + object.forwardVector*(camera.offset.length/object.forwardVector.length)[/b]" to me.Thank you
  5. Making two vectors parallel

    First of all ,Thank you for your replies. I think I have made a mistake in describing my problem.Actually I am implementing a chase camera.I have two classes,the camera class and the object class(the 3D object the camera is chasing). Initially the camera is behind the object as some predefined offset.Now as I rotate the object its forward vector rotates along y-axis.In the camera class I have a camera position and a camera offset.The camera position is determined as "[b]camera position=object position+camera offset[/b]".Now in order to keep the camera always behind the object I want to rotate the offset so that its parallel to object forward and then to get the new position of the camera I use the above equation(with the new transformed offset).What I need is a way or built in function that rotates the offset to object's forward every time I rotate my object.Thank you My vector math has become a little rusty over the years of "no practice".So plz bear with me:).Thank You for your help
  6. Hello, i am stuck at some basic xna math.I have two 3D vectors .The first vector is pointing in some direction and the second one is pointing in another direction.Now i want to make the second vector point in the same direction as the first one,hence making both vectors parallel.Please suggest a built in method in xna or a way i can accomplish this?.Thank you