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  1. JackMusic

    Habit RPG - who's with me?

    Things are starting to get interesting over there - we're devising some group challenges at the mo so if anyone else wants in, let me know! And of course, we will share our work here!
  2. JackMusic

    Habit RPG - who's with me?

  3. JackMusic

    Habit RPG - who's with me?

    Go on... you know you want to join me.... what are you all waiting for?
  4. JackMusic

    Mac or PC for Game Audio?

    Do you care about the way things look, and does that mean you love the idea of having Apple hardware in your studio? If so, go Mac. If not, go PC. They are more affordable, more customisable, and the only advantage Mac has is Logic, which is great, but then so are Cubase and Reaper, both of which are cross-platform.   Some people sneer at those that like the good looks of Apple hardware but I think the appearance of your equipment can make a massive difference to your frame of mind. My setup looks remarkably easy to tinker around with, and guess what, I spend hours of my life tinkering and customising and it doesn't help my music making in the least. But I'm a geek and I enjoy it.   Going off on a tangent so I'll stop there!
  5. JackMusic

    Habit RPG - who's with me?

    Hi guys, this may seem off-topic but hear me out:   There is a goal tracking website called HabitRPG that I've been using for a while and it has really helped me focus on my composition. The site is free to join and the only paid features are little extras like 'contributor badges' and the like so the experience is in no way limited for those that don't pay. It's a geeky, gamer-oriented version of something like Way of Life or Everest apps.   But the feature that really stands out for me is the party system, where you can hook up with a few other people with the same interests and set challenges, complete silly quests etc. I've had some great successes with this with a random party but think it would be awesome to try it out with some fellow composers. So if anyone's interested in joining me, sign up for the site and find your user code, then send it to me either in reply to this or via PM and I'll add you to my party!   Cheers   JackMusic
  6. JackMusic

    DAW for computer-Averse

    Reaper with a German language pack and a project template that has everything set up when he opens it. The cheapest of the fully functioning DAWs and one of the most functional. Every DAW is a pain to learn.
  7. JackMusic

    Aspiring Music Composer

    Good experimentation with timbres (instrument sounds) and ambience. The next thing you should do is try to get each of your parts in time with each other so they fit together in the same underlying sense of pulse.   Welcome! If you're *just* starting out with music in general, well there's a lot to learn but it's a fun journey so enjoy yourself!
  8. You've captured a really nice 'provincial' feel with both tracks, they create a nice ambience, good balance of repetition and variety. The one thing I'd change is the faster runs/trills. Bring the volume down a bit when faster playing happens and then crescendo out on the final note as this will sound more natural and less clunky/cheesy. Nice work!
  9. JackMusic

    Your favourite sample libraries?

    Yes but in this day and age surely we're all tweaking, layering and processing sounds to our heart's content? At which point no one is going to be able to recognise the original, perhaps just a 'flavour'. A useful shortcut to recalling the 16-bit era anyhow. Here's one I did today - https://soundcloud.com/infreaquent/air-to-surface-1
  10. JackMusic

    New soundtrack. Feedback appreciated

    The variety of textures is really nice and the inner parts add a sense of fullness to the sound. At the moment I can hear a lot of ideas but also a lot of repetition of that first basic idea. Instead of coming up with loads of things that fit with that first idea, I think you should try to develop that melody into something with more shape, The simplest thing you could do is move the motif up and down the scale to find a nice answering phrase. Then come back to it and start thinking about extra accompaniment parts. Also the ending needs something more satisfying, maybe a held low note from the bass trombones or something similar.
  11. JackMusic

    Your favourite sample libraries?

    Eduardo Tarilonte's stuff is ace. My Music Department has the Medieval library - I came up with this using it: https://soundcloud.com/infreaquent/medieval   I'm a big fan of LASS for strings. For retro stuff you can't beat VOPM vst with the pack of sound presets ripped directly from a bunch of MegaDrive/Genesis cartridges! Can't remember where I found that though.
  12. https://soundcloud.com/infreaquent/air-to-surface-1   This morning I just thought I'd try something in a style I haven't worked in for a while, 8-bit battle game music! I used the excellent free VOPM VST which emulates the Yamaha chip in the Megadrive, SQ8L and some drum samples, with Reaper's built in FX.   Listening back now I think the mix sounds pretty bad but it's as good as I could get it while sounding 'Full', so any tips on that would be greatly appreciated! And any other feedback you may have.   Cheers
  13. JackMusic

    New composition - Desert theme

    Feedback appreciated - pure unadulterated praise and adoration in particular, but a few terse comments as to what is effective or not would suffice.
  14. Here's a desert theme piece I've just completed in a 16-bit era sort of style. The obvious inspiration is Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time. Hope you enjoy it!   VSTs - Cakewalk TTS-1, midistrummer, Korg MDE-X (favourite multi-fx vst)   https://soundcloud.com/infreaquent/sands-of-palmers-16-bit-final
  15. JackMusic

    Desert Theme- Wild Sun Burn

    Ok cool so a mode is a sequence of notes like a scale. Your piece is in A minor, so uses note ABCDEFG#A. You start and end on A most of the time and the other most important note is E, the fifth, which you also go to a lot. This is a good thing and makes your piece sound 'right'. To change the mode you'd change the first note of your scale so it ends up something like DEFG#ABCD. Now you have a mode of the A minor scale that starts on D. Change the underlying chords so they reinforce it - e.g. D minor (DFA), A minor (ACE), D minor (DFA), A major (AC#E). Stay like this for a section of your piece and see what you come up with.    When you change mode or key, you can also change the backing texture so it has a bit of a different feel. This makes it better when you go back to your A minor section.     You could use DEFGABCD, leaving the G as a natural instead of sharp. This would give you a more common mode, which is called 'Dorian', but might lose some of your oriental flavour.
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