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  1. Hello,   I noticed that almost all RPG games don't give a flat value for some stats such as attack. What is the reason behind that?   here are some examples: http://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/8258-1-1352210714.png http://i604.photobucket.com/albums/tt123/lawolfhottiez/ellisset.jpg
  2. @Spidi   Thanks man, very nice job :)   Good luck :)
  3. Hello   currently i am learning C# serialization to save and load Player Data.   following this tutorial: http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-save-and-load-your-players-progress-in-unity--cms-20934   i know how to save and load variables.   but lets say i have such class: [System.Serializable] public class PlayerData { public static int PlayerLevel; public static string PlayerName; public static string PlayerClass; public static int PlayerHealth; public static int PlayerExp; public static int PlayerAttack; public static int PlayerStrength; public static int PlayerAgility; public static int PlayerAttack; public static List<Item> Inventory = new List<Item>; public static int PlayerMana; // A lot of variables .... } so my questions:   1- how can i save all of them together instead of one by one 2- is saving all of them when only one of them is changed slows the game?
  4.       i think i should stop thinking about about cheaters and hackers then :(   but what about the other part of the question? saving and loading data
  5. Hello   i am using Unity and C# for my projects.   till now i am using PlayerPrefs to save and load Player Data, but any user can edit and change it, so i want to know a better method to save and load data.   (i found this plugin https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/18920 which encrypt the PlayerPrefs, but i dont know should i use it or ignore PlayerPrefs completely)   Also if i saved a player data, how can i prevent the player from cheating and hacking?   i read about XML Serialization and i am learning it right now, how safe is it and should i continue learning about it?
  6. Hello   How do you program a spells/skills system for a game with one character but a lot of spells/skills (maybe 100+)   currently i am using this method: (i am using Unity2D with C# btw) void PlayerCharacter() { if(SkillNumber1Unlocked)// when he presses the first skill button and it Unlocked UseSkillNumber1(); if(SkillNumber2Unlocked)// when he presses the second skill button and it Unlocked UseSkillNumber2(); } void SkillNumber1() { Code; Code; } void SkillNumber2() { Code; Code; }
  7.     i made this simple code to check the resolution,the resolution i am using is 1920x1080                 Debug.Log (Screen.height+"  x  "+Screen.width);     i got  786 x  442 before maximizing  then i got  1616 x  909 after maximizing    so still cant know if the gui elements are in their correct positions if i want to work on 1920x1080 resolution.
  8.   It is only showing a different resoution because you are viewing it in the editor.  If you run it outside of the editor it will use the set resolution.     but when i want to make the game for 1920x1080 but all i can see is lets say 960x540, how can i check if all the gui elements are in their correct position without building the game?
  9.   it is going to be 2D.   you said "2D, aspect ratio" then you said "  It's aspect ratio that really kills you.", but do you mean it is better to design with the highest resolution?     also check this image, i put the resolution 1920x1080 but it shows different resolution
  10. Hello   i am going to develop a new game for PC using Unity2D.    but i am confused, should i start designing and developing based on an aspect ratio or a resolution. also is there any difference if i started with any of them?   Aspect ratio:  16:9 or Resolution: 1920x1080    since when i use Unity and put aspect ratio 16:9 i can see the full screen of the game, but when i put it 1920x1080 resolution i dont see all the screen and it says different resolutions.
  11. nice answers from all of you, Thank you         not all "Click" games are online.   there is a game on android doesnt require network, and it increases you resources when u close the game and then open it.   so i think the time method is used there
  12. thank you for you responses.   one last question please :D   how can i know the time when the game was just closed untill its just opened by using Unity / c# ?
  13. Hello   i am trying to make a clicker game, but there is a problem faced me     how can i let the game does something while its off?   for example Cookie Clicker, when u close the game and then open it after 10 mins u will find ur cookies increased.   i am using Unity Engine and scripting in C# btw.
  14. Hello everyone   i am not a native English speaker, and i am going to make a game about mines.   What do you call the process  of take minerals or gemstone from deposit?   is it mining or digging or does it have a special name ?   sry for the stupid question xD  
  15. Hello   i was surfing on Unity Assets Store and i found this one:   https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/19982   and i liked them so much,    do you know any place sell similar to these ? (i dont need animations) or any Artist who can make like them?