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  1. I second ta0soft. Great stuff. Hope to see DX10/11 versions some day:) Thanks!  
  2. I've come to the following conclusion:   Don't try to make image pretty in tonemapper. It only needs to scale the HDR range. Of course always convert the RGB source into some HSB type colorspace and scale only the luminance component. Then convert back to RGB. This way colors are preserved better.   First use basic Reinhard curve just to scale the HDR range. This might produce dark/grey toned image but that's the case with photography in general. After this perform post processing to adjust brightness, colors etc. This means using a filmic curve in a color LUT and what not. Just like photography.
  3. Need help with microfacet brdf

    Hi I see at least your half vector is wrong. "float3 H = normalize(-L - V);" should be: float3 H = normalize(-L + V);