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  1. Is DirectX Necessary?

    Hello! I am new here, and I have a quick question. I know a lot of C++ (Obviously not everything, and I am constantly learning more), and I hope to be a game programmer in the near future. As for game programming, is DirectX necessary? I am not asking if I should learn another library, etc. I am asking if, in order to be, for example, a "Gameplay programmer", is directX necessary to learn? I have looked at job postings for such a job, and most say "Great c++ programming skills" as a requirement, but never direct x. Some say "Experience with DX9 2.0 or above level Shaders and HLSL a plus", but a PLUS is not a REQUIREMENT. I realize it would probably be a great increase in my ability to land a job. So, my question is, [i]In order to work at a game studio as a gameplay programmer, is it necessary to know DirectX?[/i]
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