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  1. Screen Point to Screen Edge

    Only had to change the part for my depth duffer doing this when it was negative and not facing an object. That worked well, thanks.
  2. I am having trouble getting a poiny X,Y to the edge of my screen. This point is from a reversed screenspace co-ordinate, I am using it to point someone in the correct direction.   Here is a diagram of what I am trying to do: The co-ordinates of the 2D point work from the center of the screen to the point of the object.
  3. How Much do You Plan to Support Windows 8/Metro?

    I think I will be using Windows 8 allot. I like the idea of where Microsoft is going with Windows 8 Surface and I think it will open up a brand new market.
  4. I believe that MonoGame 3.0 supports 3d and now supports Windows 8 Metro. If they do not already they have plants to do so.