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  1. [img][/img] Hey there, Im excited to let everyone know that a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise funds for the Objecty project. [url=""]http://www.kickstart...ent-made-easier[/url] Objecty is a tool for Windows and Mac that will assist ALL game developers in one way or another. Objecty is packed full of features and if you come check out the Kickstarter campaign video you can see some of the features demonstrated. Some of the editors in Objecty:[list] [*]Actor Editor [*]Texture Packer Editor [*]Sprite Animation Editor [*]Tilemap Editor [*]Physics Editor [*]World Editor [*]Hotspot Editor [/list] One of the killer features in Objecty is the ability to animate game characters using separate image bones. You can piece together an actor out of these bones and then animate either using stop-frame techniques or key frame tweening. It is entirely up to you. This means you can create rich and fluid animations that don’t require vast amounts of video memory. Instead of having a new image file for each animation frame, the position, rotation, scale and other properties would be saved to a data file. The images and animation data can be read into your existing game framework and your actors rebuilt and drawn at runtime. Objecty has many more exciting features under its belt. The application has been developed with a really strong framework so that we are able to rapidly create powerful new ideas. We really need your support to get this off the ground so if you could back the project and tweet, like, blog, post or just simply tell your friends. Everything will help and we will be forever grateful for your support. Thanks for your time, I am happy to answer any questions/feedback that you may have.