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  1. Thanks. I'll look in to that :)
  2. Hi... I have to make a 2D game that needs networking (Internet play not for LAN). I chose XNA for the game programming. I was hoping to use "Games for windows Live" service but it's discontinued. I have no prior experience with network game programming. I need some good suggestions on a library that can handle networking. It should be easy to learn because project must be completed by 27th January 2014. Thank you :)
  3. Confused with which streams to follow?

    Thank you very much Mr.frob :)
  4. Confused with which streams to follow?

    @ambershee ->  Thanks for the kind reply sir. Yes I'm now working on examples while doing my college studies.   @Top Sloper -> I went through your articles and I totally look like a stupid newbie :(  Thank you for your valuable advises and now I understand how to proceed. Thank you again sir.
  5. Hi all :) I'm very confused about which degree to follow. Currently I'm doing Bsc in IT 3 year degree in Sri Lanka (I'm in 2nd year now). There is no Computer Science degree in my university which most people say as a "MUST" for a game development job :(   So far I've studied in XNA and now I'm doing myself studies in DirectX API and Nvidia CUDA computing with C. And this year I became the national finalist in game programming in Imagine Cup.   Is that true that without a Computer Science or a Software Engineering degree it's impossible to step in to the game industry?   And I saw "Game programming" MSc degrees in foreign universities. I come from a poor family and simply I can't afford them. So that means with a BSc IT degree that I won't be able to get a job in game industry?   There is only one company that does game making in my country. Last time I checked there were no vacancies at all. What are my chances getting into game industry as currently I don't have the opportunity to get even a training or internship?  So without actual field experience will any overseas company consider giving me a job?   If so how should I continue? Please help. Much appreciated. Thank you :)      
  6. What is ID3D11Blob ?

    I understand now.. Thank you so much Dave   
  7. Hi.. I'm so new to programming with DirectX. when we create vertex buffer what is this "ID3D11Blob" thing we use?   Ex :    ID3D11VertexShader *  VerS; ID3D11PixelShader *  PixS; ID3D11InputLayout *  InputL;   ID3D11Blob * buffer = 0;     What is this ID3D11Blob and how it works?? Google lacks information in the way I understand    Thank you all 
  8. OpenGl or Directx learning books..

    For Directx  -   Beginning DirectX11 Game Programming by Allen Sherrod and Wendy Jones  ( much easier )   OR     Introduction to 3D Game Programmingwith Direct3D 11 by Frank D. Luna (much harder but better)   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   For OpenGL -     OR   OpenGL® SUPERBIBLE 5th edition by Richard S. Wright