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  1. BrainCollect - Free Android game

    New version out!   You now have some buttons on the menu (mute sound/music, Play and Help), and a "Play Again" button on the Game Over screen. And of course, added a new screen for the Help button. Also fixed an issue with the sounds.   Now I'm working with Google Play Games integration, so you can check out your friends' skills.
  2. Hello guys!   I have just released my first game for the Android platform. It's called BrainCollect, and you can find it here: BrainCollect. Or by searching for "BrainCollect", and it will be the only result (in my experience).   I would be happy if someone would give me some feedback. And maybe some tips on how to develop this game further. Is it too easy? Too hard? I am planning to have some achievement system ('Basic Medal' for every time you get 10 brains. 'Super Medal' for every time you get more than 50 etc...)   Screenshots: Start Screen Game Play   Controls: Click anywhere on the screen - the zombie will get assigned a random  direction and speed. Click the screen until you think he will be able to reach the brain in time.
  3. The Lost Children (3D Game)

    [quote name='DpakoH' timestamp='1351755560' post='4996105'] Man, those children look like aliens [img][/img] Anyway, good job! [/quote] I am fairly new with 3D moddeling. So there's not much i can do about it at the moment. They [i]are [/i]supposed to look a little scary, tho' [img][/img] Thanks for your comment! [quote name='Patriarch K' timestamp='1351779308' post='4996186'] Awesome feeling in that game. It was of course very monotonous at the moment, but you've succeeded in getting the horror feeling and nice graphics. Now just focus on making it like a game with some purpose [img][/img] [/quote] Thanks a lot for your respond! I'm glad you got the atmospheric feeling I was aiming for. I believe most puzzle games are monotonous by nature. The thing that will make you play it another time is to beat your score. And while playing, your should try to find ways to do the task more efficient (in this game, lay stones on the ground, and progress in a specific pattern and so on) and finished the puzzle as fast as possible. I [i]could [/i]add more features in a future update. We'll see how it ends up [img][/img]
  4. Hi there! I have just finished my first real* game tonight. It's called "The Lost Children", if you didn't get that from the title. This game is a somehow spooky puzzle game. You must find some children lost in a labyrinth. Head over to [url=""][/url] and give it a go. There's two images and a Youtube video from the game you can watch as well. Feedback would be highly appreciated! *By 'real' I mean something that I've actually finished, and is not something like a Pong clone or similar.