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  1. Hi, I’d like to present you my first Windows Store App – [b]Draw the World[/b]. Play one of the most addictive logic game known from papers right on your PC or tablet. Use numbers to fill the board with colors and reveal hidden picture. Not enough? Use in-game designer to create new and unique boards and share them with your friends! [b]Draw the World[/b] is based on the well-known "Japanese crosswords"(aka nonograms). Your task is to fill the grid of cells according to clues that are given at the sides to reveal hidden picture. Game features 40+ beautiful pictures of different complexity along with two game modes and in-game designer for hours of play for everyone! Some screenshots: [attachment=12040:screenshot_10312012_201845.png] [attachment=12042:screenshot_10282012_203038.png] [attachment=12041:screenshot_10282012_203056.png] Game is built exclusively for Windows 8 and it’s Modern UI(maybe in future, there will be versions for other OSes) and is compatible with x86/x64 [b]and ARM[/b](Windows RT). Supports both English and Polish languages. Game is available in [url=""]Windows Store[/url]. Team: Creator – [url=""]Jakub ‘Fiolek’ Fija?kowski[/url] (blog in PL only) Graphics – [url=""]Jarek K?dzio?ka[/url] (PL only) Music/Sounds – [url=""]Mateusz Szyma?ski[/url]