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  1. Do Denmark discriminate foreigners?

    <The whole system is a joke. It seems like my own nation is in a state of panic and is acting illogical.>   I agree, many new legislation just seem like they are bored and have to think of new laws in order to keep them self seated.. Unfortunately there are more rules/laws being made than being removed - we move towards living in a big bowl in the fear that we may drive over 20mph and kill everyone!    Or another way of saying it, they only know how to tighten the laws until we all suffocate.. or at least it feels like this.. 
  2. Do Denmark discriminate foreigners?

    Only a danish test foreigners have to take, but I cant remember when they take it.    They have to answer question about danish history and general laws i believe..   Perhaps when they leave the asylum centers?! 
  3. Do Denmark discriminate foreigners?

    <Well I get a letter saying my son's mother language is NOT Danish, what do you think?>   You are assuming that this letter is not an accident and that it shouldn't have been sent to you. But you have already specified that you talk with the government and they apologized for the letter as you clearly didn't fall into the group the letter was meant for.     Stop being so emotional about an error. Having said that, I do think the government should strive to be better at sending these kinds of letters to the correct recievers, such as to spare you the huge grief you obviously have experienced. But please don't stop the discussion I think it very interesting and necessary to have..  
  4. Do Denmark discriminate foreigners?

    If you are from Denmark, then i don't know why you are surprised, you should know by now that the danish government is really bad at handling social stuff. ;) 
  5. Do Denmark discriminate foreigners?

    I think Samoth is spot on...   I'm from Denmark and native.  The issue is that some foreigners, especially the Muslims, never let they children go to school, instead they do home teaching and these children may have serious language issues later in life when they need to find a job in Denmark.    It basically comes down to, as Samoth also commented, we try to protect the future of our country in terms of workforce and making sure our money isn't wasted on fostering people who don't want/capable of contributing to the country later in life. Having said that, I am sorry that you should receive such a letter when it was clearly not needed, but we are only people and they acted on what they knew - in this case they knew to little about you and your family situation. 
  6. Math and/or Tutorials for Isometric perspective?

    Im currently building an isometric tilemap.    Try to do most of it yourself, but this page will give you all of the math and "click on map" to tile conversion.   *Update: Ohhh, sorry thought you were doing a isometric tilemap. Anyways, ill leave this post in, in case someone else will find it useful. 
  7. Google chrome easter egg?

    Nono, i also get to the search page, but a tune is played through chrome in the background. I checked windows sound mixer and the browser is generating the tune...   there are some good and bad tunes.. so keep entering the "easter eeg"   Edit: it takes around 10-15 sec before the tune starts after entering the line..   Also, when it goes to the search page, dont enter a new search or anything.. dont touch anything and it should start.. if you make a new search during the tune, it will disappear
  8. Google chrome easter egg?

    Haha i got it.. great tune   Version 28.0.1500.72 m
  9. Help with 2.5D

    Hello All,   Ok, so i'm doing some pixel art in order to get a feel of what my tilemap-engine should be capable of. This is the first time i venture into the world of pixel art and 2.5D projection. I have more or less decide on a side-top view projection (i think its called) but i'm having trouble to comprehending how i should portray my tents when looking at them from the side.    Basically, i'm rather happy with tent 1+3 and 8 is just from behind. But i feel that i need to have a tent from a side view, to reduce repeat ability in the world. In the drawing these attempts would be 4+5, but they don't look good and a significantly smaller. (read the tiles - increasing from left to right)   picture:     Am i doing it correct? Or is it simple not possible as from the sideview of a tent there is little distance in the .5D dimesion?   Do you guys have any suggestions on how i may portray the tent in some other way which difference from the 1+3, but still retain the style/feel?   I have been searching the internet on this 2.5D style but I cant find much. Isometric is standard, but what is this 2.5D style im making "officially" called?   Thanks in advance Zwonkie  
  10. advice on pc build.

    Select some Corsair or Kingston ram, those are usually good quality.    Dont cheap out on things like the motherborad, ram and powersupply - it will only make the system more unstable. *Elaborating:  Your powersupply seems like a good choice, the rams would benifit from being upgraded to corsiar/kingston, as mentioned.  I have little experience with AMD system combos as i usually choose INTEL, so i cant comment on the motherboard.    If you want are more silence PC, it would also recommend to choosing a different cabinet/case - if you went for the look, then its fine i guess. 
  11. All is mostly true expect the very small house and low pay. *maybe i should elaborate abit... As far as i know, the minister gets a car, but not a driver only for official events They pay and maintain their own house, currently the prime minister in denmark lives in a medium sized house (100-120 m^2 i would guess) Most ministers who lives in copenhagen tend to take the bike - mainly to set and example, i feel.. I have never heard about any minister who couldn't afford a house and had to sleep at "work" There is very little luxury items compared to big private CEO´s. but they do sometime makes scandals, where they spend 5000€ on wine, for events..
  12. How to create minimap? (sdl/opengl)

    I haven't tried myself and maybe this is to simple for your application. But if your world is made up of tiles, cant you paint a small pixel (4x4px) on the map in that color of the tile. Eg. the grass tile would be a green 4x4 pixel on your map and the ground would be light sandish 4x4px? Since you know how to generate the tile world, you should know all the coordinates for each tile in the world and translating this position into map position should be easy.. *Update* Sorry that was basically the same advice as Nausea :/
  13. How to start?

    I would recommend to start out with either C# or AS3, they are pretty understandable languages and it will allow you to start making games pretty quick. Then after a few years, look into C++ if you feel like it. You will probably discover that C++ is easy to understand after learning C# or AS3 but will still require some time to learn completely/fully.
  14. I have also been looking for some hobbyist project. I'm quite new to game programming, but would like to contribute if the project is interesting. I'm currently working mostly with XNA. Feel free to contact me..