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  1. Thank you for clearing that up guys!!
  2. I've wanted to make video games ever since I was in middle school. I've thought of it as a career but then studied Networking instead because I've always heard that programmers are the over worked (80 hours / week)without over time pay in order to meet deadlines and this affects their work life balance and even family life at home. Is this true? Is this a reasonable fear to deter me from going down this path?
  3. Thanks guys I'll start out with GM and go from there
  4. Pretty straight forward question. I don't have a game in mind, I just wana start making copies of Pong and games like that to practice once I've finally stopped ripping my hair out on what to start playing around with. Ask questions for clarification. Please and thank you guys 
  5. bublik'

    Beginner questions

    So I'm interested in making games. I am totally new to game development. I've used programming languages such as Turing, C#, Java and VBscript. Where do I start? Should I establish a specialization? (AI, Art, Level Design) I'd like to be in charge of everything just to get my feet wet. Which language should I practice? Should I start with a game engine (Unreal/CryEngine) ? 
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