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  1. The Threat

    [b]Some Updates![/b] I worked on the graphics, and made some improvements. I added a lot of bushes, rocks, wood logs, crows and more, to give the world some additional “life”. I also reworked some textures, like the trees, or the terrain (now multi-textured). Here are 5 new screenshots: [center][img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img][/center] I also give some further explanations about the gameplay on my DevBlog, please check it out if you are interested: [url=""]http://thethreatdevb...the-visibility/[/url] Don't hesitate to feedback [img][/img] Thanks!
  2. The Threat

    [b]Update:[/b] First gameplay video! Preview of the flashlight, the flares, and the inventory display. [media][/media] All of your feeback/ideas are welcome and a great help to improve the game [img][/img] Thanks!
  3. The Threat

    [b]New screenshot:[/b] [img][/img] (Testing the flares [img][/img]) [b]Synthetic overview of the AI’s mechanics:[/b] [url=""]http://thethreatdevb...11/ai_logic.jpg[/url]
  4. The Threat

    [b]Update:[/b] The DevBlog is now online: [url=""][b]The Threat - DevBlog[/b][/url] Please take a look! [img][/img]
  5. The Threat

    [center][img][/img][/center] Hello everyone, here is the game I'm working on for a few months now [img][/img] [b]'The Threat' is a First Person Horror game. Your goal is to find 3 Gas Cans and escape from this hellish place with your car. Your only friend: your flashlight. On your way, you will find some useful items (crowbar, wrench, ...), randomly located on the map.[/b] But be CAREFUL, being too NOISY or too VISIBLE can be fatal! For example, try not to use your flashlight too often. Another example: opening a door with the key is a better option than using a crowbar. Indeed, you may attract unwanted trouble being too noisy! [b]Update:[/b] First gameplay video! Preview of the flashlight, the flares, and the inventory display. [media][/media] Here are some screenshots: [center] [img][/img][/center] [center] [img][/img][/center] [center] [img][/img][/center] [center] [img][/img][/center] [center] [img][/img][/center] You may ask: 'Is this a Slender game?'. No, it is NOT, but it's still inspired by Slender. [img][/img] The game is not finished, and I don't think a demo will be release before the final version. However, the game development is already well advanced, and I put a lot of work and time on it. [b]Please take a few seconds to visit the page of the game, where it will be downloadable (once released [img][/img]). You can find some additional info and screenshots too: [url=""]The Threat - Game[/url][/b] I'm planning to create a DevBlog for the game. However, I'm not sure if you guys are interested. Don't hesitate to give me some feeback, I'll keep you posted! ;)