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  1. [quote name='dtg108' timestamp='1351545816' post='4995169'] "The world has gone to hell, run." The character turns around when a zombie pops out, knocking the player to the ground. There will then be a button that pops up on screen, and once pressed, the character will grab the gun and shoot the zombie. [/quote] I think if after the player found the note, there was more of a lull where they're slowly lead into the exposition of the zombie threat, it'd be more interesting and leave a bigger impact on the player.
  2. [center][size=6]{OBSOLETE}[/size][/center] [center]-accidentally posted twice-[/center]
  3. How to Unsettle a Player

    [quote name='lithos' timestamp='1351376458' post='4994560'] Having the players decide between fast areas that render you unable to attack(or use some attacks), and slow areas where you can. [/quote] Oooh, i like that idea, especially if the player is forced to make that kind of decision in a snap, it could add some well-balanced tension to certain moments.
  4. How to Unsettle a Player

    [quote name='epicpunnum' timestamp='1351309473' post='4994335'] Bodies strewn about, sometimes housing an enemy type. [/quote] Only problem is that if the player has no knowledge of when a body has an enemy inside of it, it could easily make them feel like they're being punished for something they can't prevent. This can be done right, but I just wanted to give a word of warning to limit this to a somewhat fair experience. (player being given a chance to escape if they accidentally trigger a confrontation.) Sounds like it'd make me shit my pants though, and it definitely would make me feel uncertain/uneasy whenever I'm around dead bodies. I like it.
  5. Guide to bad game design

    Here are a few:[list] [*]Design a stealth game that revolves around staying out of sight and in the shadows. Then 90% through the game introduce an enemy that has a night-vision/X-ray-vision cross ability... ...(I'm looking at you Splinter cell Conviction)... [/list][list] [*]Make a game about team-play, but then add a vehicle that only serves as a good one-on-one counter against [u]that[/u] vehicle in combat, and has no other practical use. (Jets in Battlefield 3) [/list][list] [*]Any competitive (PvP) multiplayer level up system where playing longer guarantees you a stronger character. (Call of duty, Blacklight, Etc.) [/list][list] [*]Make a game about fast paced immersive parkour/platforming, but make various miscellaneous actions slow, tedious, and non-interactive. (Ladders, valves and ledges in Mirrors edge) [/list][list] [*]Create a wonderful and unique art style filled with thought and careful themeing, and then a few months down the line fill the game with random and visually incongruous promotional and self-parodying customization options. (Team Fortress 2) [/list]