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  1. Crippling Fear of Unoriginality (Any Advice?)

    I think it's important to decide what your goals are for writing on any given project. Try to examine what you already have written through the lens of "Why did *I* write this?". Identify the events and values in your life that made you want to write the game you're working on; It's unlikely that the AAA JRPG embodies/comments on them in ways that perfectly allign with your worldview. Find the differences and amplify them. Dont worry too much about surface details (sewer levels, magic stones,etc), it's easy to embellish those as you edit and ultimately the visuals will determine how familliar they feel to the player. Try to find opportunities to make characters and solutions idiosyncratc in ways that are truer to you and the things you care about, players remember personality more than they remember cold plotting logic.