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  1. How powerful is Java?

    [quote name='vladmihail' timestamp='1351885782' post='4996642'] java its very powerfull and its better even than C and in some cases its better than C++ [/quote] Better on what? It all depends on your target platform. Portability is easier in Java because of the virtual machine. Java has been greatly optimized during the years, but you still get a performance hit (even small) because you have to run your code through the virtual machine. Java does use more memory than C++ because it is built upon objects. Every datatype in Java is an object, whereas in C++ native data types are not. Most C++ data types have a 1-1 correlation with assembler data types. (C++) int - dd (Java) int - dd + functions The data part of the int in Java does translate to a data type in assembler, but you have functions that use memory. To some games it may matter, to others it may not. Last time I checked, C++ had much more mature game development tools than Java. You can even compare tools like Java 3D vs the C++ Irrlicht3D engine (both free).