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  1. Which language should i choose?

    C# or Java are both really good languages to program in, python is a great language too, I recommend python or C# for developing your first game, even if the game is crap.. There is so many tutorials on C# and python on youtube, once you feel a little more confindent with c#/python start learning C/ C++. With C# use the XNA framework, with Python use the PyGame framework, with C/ C++ use opengl/ directx and with C++ use the sfml framework.
  2. Well this may sound stupid or idiotic but I was wondering if it is possible to make a game of any sort (dis-including text based games) in the programming language? I know I have seen some stuff on opengl with D but I cannot find them anymore. Well anyway I was hoping someone could provide tutorials on D or link me to tutorials or something...