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  1. Thanks for the reply anyway, leeor_net - it's still useful to get different people's perspectives on this!
  2. Thanks Apatriarca, that's an excellent explanation. So it is essentially a modelling technique, I can understand that. auryx.
  3. Thanks SiCrane and Iride for the replies. So, to use your examples SiCrane, what is the benefit of actually doing it that way? Is it just a "different" way to approach the architecture of the game? Or does thinking about the game in that way provide real benefits in terms of efficiency or clear coding? auryx
  4. Hi all, In this and other forums, I've seen lots of references to how using FSMs can be really helpful when designing and coding a game. Unfortunately, I've yet to find a really good article/forum post/tutorial that explains the concept in terms of game development. I've tried reading up on State Machines on Wikipedia, etc, and using the forum search here, but I'm still slightly confused. Can anyone point me to some really good intros for a beginner? Thanks in advance. auryx