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  1. As far as I know there is only Visual Assist X and ReSharper C++, but both are similar in price - about 100 / year. C++ is hard to parse correctly so no free tools are available.
  2. Zaoshi Kaba

    Drawing multiple objects

    Well, warning is self explanatory - there is something wrong with your index buffer. Do both models work if you load and draw only one of them? Do both models work if you load both of them but draw only one of them?
  3. What are you trying to achieve? When you have just a single variable multiple readers and multiple writers is suspicious.
  4. I have no experience in MMORPG or game development so my answer is only a conclusion I came to after thinking for a bit. The answer is yes and no. The base mechanics are not particularly complex and can be created even in a small team - walking, leveling, combat, etc. However RPG and especially MMORPG games need much more than mechanics - large and beautiful world, lots of items, skills, locations, monsters, quests, each of those has to be balanced and many of them are going to have unique features which might take a week or a month each. Individually none of these features is complex, there's just so many of them that it will take years to create everything, and these small details is the difference between a good and bad game.
  5. Music uses very little CPU and streaming it over the internet isn't any more dangerous than browsing any other website (assuming you stream from trustworthy service). Worst case scenario - your parallel build hogs too much CPU and your audio starts to lag / repeat / etc.
  6. if(x < frame.x) { frame.x = x; } else if(x > frame.x + frame.width) { frame.width++; } If frame's x coordinate decreases by 1 (or more) doesn't that mean frame's width increases by 1 (or more)? Currently you change only one or the other. Same thing with height.
  7. Zaoshi Kaba

    LoadFile -- should it throw or return null?

    What is the correct / expected result? LoadFile implies it has to succeed, thus you should throw exception. If you ever encounter a situation where you are fine with failure you could create TryLoadFile which returns null or bool (with out variable) to indicate success or failure.
  8. Last time I checked ReSharper was able to display args, but it costs money. Visual Studio does not support this out of the box. You can try making suggestion but most likely it will be ignored.
  9. It's a pointer to class A int field. class A { public: int foo; }; class B : public A { public: void function() { // set pointer to class field int A::*pInt = &A::foo; // use pointer to modify some field A a; a.*pInt = 5; } };
  10. Be careful with public Dropbox links. Unless you are paying for service you have data limit of 1-2 GB. Once you go over your account gets blocked. First time is simple to deal with, but 2nd time your account will be blocked for a week and afterwards I believe it's a month. I would suggest to use Google Drive for public sharing. Issues so far: Why resolution config option is a checkbox? It should be a dropdown or have left/right arrows. FPS Limit has same issue as above. Only very few resolutions are supported. Where is 1440p? I can't play fullscreen with what is available. See 1st screenshot, my checkbox got eaten. It seems content is slightly different resolution than available window space. I am seeing artifacts because of that. Especially in the main menu due to scrolling background. I can use WS to control sails, but tutorial doesn't proceed unless I specifically use arrow keys. See 2nd screenshot. I don't think it's supposed to do that.
  11. Actually, it does not. If test1 is std::string then all is well, but if test1 is an int then string literal is treated as pointer and thus you get pointer math. One time I made such mistake in my file writing functions and it destroyed my source code when the resulting address started pointing to debug information that contained filenames.
  12. Zaoshi Kaba

    Size of enum class? (c++)

    From C++ standard: "For an enumeration whose underlying type is not fixed, the underlying type is an integral type that can represent all the enumerator values defined in the enumeration.". Which means anything between char and long long. Yes. You can specify the underlying type: enum action : int { hold, attack, defend };
  13. It seems you have figured that out yourself. Just for future reference, x86 assembly instructions is not a military secret: https://c9x.me/x86/html/file_module_x86_id_26.html It states that relative offset is signed integer so it can go up to approx. 2 billion bytes forward / backwards.
  14. e8 00 00 00 00 is call procedure with relative offset of 0. It is relative to next instruction. Thus call with offset 0 simply calls next instruction, which would be called anyways if the call did not exist. I might be wrong, but I believe endianness does not affect instructions themselves, only data. In your example only call instruction has data. For example e8 08 00 00 00 (little endian, call with offset 8) would become e8 00 00 00 08 (big endian).
  15. Zaoshi Kaba

    Strange tessellation pattern

    I has been a long time since I touched graphics, but if I remember correctly OutsideTess tells how to split edges, while InsideTess tells how to split inside surface (quad in this case). Using output OutsideTess = (1,1,1,1), InsideTess= (2,1) essentially tells it to split 1 quad into 3 triangles, but have only 4 vertices in total. That's quite impossible so it doesn't make anything sensible. Try using OutsideTess = (2,2,2,2), InsideTess= (2,2).
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