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  1. Zaoshi Kaba

    Very weird problem with lighting

    You calculate normal, but it's not being outputted so the result is just thrown away (or optimized out). Possibly this part should be using normal instead of Vnormal: float intensity = clamp(-dot(light_vert, Vnormal), 0.0, 1.0);
  2. I don't think this game was particularly good or had smart AI, but it had an interesting take: game would observe what action you did - walking, running, crouching, shooting, vaulting, etc. and enemies would learn how to do that. If you stop doing some action for a while enemies forget about it. https://youtu.be/-v1dV_R39lk
  3. "With the debugger configuraiton set" That one word could use a correction.
  4. Zaoshi Kaba

    Frustum Culling

    Quite detailed article. Have you considered trying AVX? On my i7-4770K 4.0 GHz I get roughly 500,000,000 AABB culls / second on a single thread, so it's roughly 0.2 ms per 100?.
  5. Zaoshi Kaba

    State Machines in Games

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