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  1. Windows does not do such things. Memory errors cause random errors, including no errors. Thus crashing, running slower, running normally, throwing BSOD, finding cure for cancer are expected behaviors of a program with memory errors.
  2. Zaoshi Kaba

    Jerking in D3D12HelloConstBuffers sample

    No. Both builds run over 60 fps. If I disable vsync triangle flies like mad. You're right! I created DXGIFactory without DXGI_CREATE_FACTORY_DEBUG flag and now it's all smooth. Graphics debugger doesn't seem to work so I couldn't check what's going on. Thanks!
  3. I'm checking out Microsoft's DirectX Graphics Samples and having some issues with D3D12HelloConstBuffers sample. I run the sample and, as expected, there is a single triangle sliding across the screen. Problem is that triangle seems to jerk a little bit. I thought it could be synchronization issue but demo seems to be straightforward with just a single frame so that should not be the case. This does not seem to occur in Release build. Only Debug build has this issue. Is there an issue with the sample or perhaps something else is at fault? I have attached mp4 video recorded at 60 fps which shows the issue. debug.mp4
  4. Zaoshi Kaba

    I hate dialogue systems

    Sounds like it works perfectly. Putting jokes aside, do you have to have dialogue? There are games that manage to do without one or do a simple one (ex.: Baldur's Gate).
  5. "crashed because of anti-virus" is usually non-sense. From my personal experience of random crashes, I had some users who experienced random crashes - could be as soon as app starts it it could take an hour. Eventually I tracked it down to a bug related to SSE - it requires aligned memory but due to my bug memory was not aligned and it just happened to be aligned on my system, thus "works on my system".
  6. Zaoshi Kaba

    Programming Practice & Refreshers

    It's not exactly similar, but I quite like Just as the name implies it contains a bunch of game-related programming exercises. For example you get Mars Lander-like game and you have to write code that would land safety in various conditions, and if you get tired of these simple exercises there are multiplayer games where you have to write AI and compete against other players. I feel it is fun, interactive, and promotes learning.
  7. As far as I know there is only Visual Assist X and ReSharper C++, but both are similar in price - about 100 / year. C++ is hard to parse correctly so no free tools are available.
  8. Zaoshi Kaba

    Drawing multiple objects

    Well, warning is self explanatory - there is something wrong with your index buffer. Do both models work if you load and draw only one of them? Do both models work if you load both of them but draw only one of them?
  9. What are you trying to achieve? When you have just a single variable multiple readers and multiple writers is suspicious.
  10. I have no experience in MMORPG or game development so my answer is only a conclusion I came to after thinking for a bit. The answer is yes and no. The base mechanics are not particularly complex and can be created even in a small team - walking, leveling, combat, etc. However RPG and especially MMORPG games need much more than mechanics - large and beautiful world, lots of items, skills, locations, monsters, quests, each of those has to be balanced and many of them are going to have unique features which might take a week or a month each. Individually none of these features is complex, there's just so many of them that it will take years to create everything, and these small details is the difference between a good and bad game.
  11. Music uses very little CPU and streaming it over the internet isn't any more dangerous than browsing any other website (assuming you stream from trustworthy service). Worst case scenario - your parallel build hogs too much CPU and your audio starts to lag / repeat / etc.
  12. if(x < frame.x) { frame.x = x; } else if(x > frame.x + frame.width) { frame.width++; } If frame's x coordinate decreases by 1 (or more) doesn't that mean frame's width increases by 1 (or more)? Currently you change only one or the other. Same thing with height.
  13. Zaoshi Kaba

    LoadFile -- should it throw or return null?

    What is the correct / expected result? LoadFile implies it has to succeed, thus you should throw exception. If you ever encounter a situation where you are fine with failure you could create TryLoadFile which returns null or bool (with out variable) to indicate success or failure.
  14. Last time I checked ReSharper was able to display args, but it costs money. Visual Studio does not support this out of the box. You can try making suggestion but most likely it will be ignored.
  15. It's a pointer to class A int field. class A { public: int foo; }; class B : public A { public: void function() { // set pointer to class field int A::*pInt = &A::foo; // use pointer to modify some field A a; a.*pInt = 5; } };
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