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  1. Tobl, thank you very much for the very elaborate post ! It is going to take me a while to digest and think about it. And I most certainly going to watch the video. My second question was probably indeed premature As to the points system. The kids are pre-school. The app is about teaching them the ABC. The reason for coming up with the idea of revealing a picture is since I was not sure how much kids of this age can really grasp the idea of points ( in numbers ). I was watching some kids play games on smartphones. They do not really understand or care about points. They just want to advance and get something going on .... This is why I was thinking about revealing a picture. Your idea of accumulating something into a shape ( like slowly charting a character, then slowly coloring it , then giving it more visible attributes ) is a good idea. Anyway, I will think all your suggestions over and get back here for more advise Thank you very much !!!!
  2. Hi I am working on an educative game for kids. I was thinking about what kind of prize to give them to encourage spending more time/learning. The idea I am going to try is : have a picture blurred or obstructed somehow. The more exercises the kid does - more parts of the picture are getting revealed. Also, the revealed area size might be bigger if the kid finishes the exercise faster.. So I have two questions for the creative folks here : 1. Do you think this is a good and encouraging prize ? ( kind of trying to play on their curiosity ... ) 2. Can you think of a nice way/effect to reveal the parts of picture ? Things I've been thinking of are rather trivial : puzzle like parts getting revealed, the alpha/blur of the whole picture getting changed from total blurred/transparent to full-color picture, the stripes revealing ( like on those huge high-way changing signs ) ... Thanks in advance for all help D