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  1. Anyone possible to give anything towards any of the questions I have? Would really appreciate it? Anything at all lol...
  2. Hey guys, Project(Without going into too much depth) First person view of a world. The idea is to be able to walk around a home/environment and interact with it(turn lights on and off etc). I want it be be a similator type thing. I have until end of Febuary to create a prototype of this. [b]My background[/b] So, i'm in my 4th year at University doing Computer Science and i've been a java programmer for a while so know the language quite well. Python I have minimal experience with but i'm sure it won't take me long to learn. I have minimal experience with creating games beyong basic 2d graphics (and not used an engine before). [b]Choice[/b] Now, i'm stuck choosing between Panda 3D and JMonkey - if you have other suggestions please feel free to express. The reason i've chosen these two is mostly because I do not know C++ and I think within the time constraints of 4 months it would be unrealistic to learn the language well and use it (again however if I see mass benefits of doing so i'll plough the hours away). If I can get a prototype up by Febuary I can re-program in C++ over the summer for a final deadline in September. So far i've done lots of reading on the two engines and trying to find good comparisons, my main reason for wanting to choose Panda 3D is mostly because i'm aware of how rapid python development is but because I do not have much experience I feel inadequate to make an informed choice between the two. Would JMonkey/Panda 3d suffice to create my project? Are there any limitations you could see that I may run into with choosing either? Which one would you recommend? Do you think this reasonable to create within the time frame? And what parts would be the most time consuming (atm from what i've gathered, creating models to import into the game would probably be the thing that took up most of my time) Also does anyone know of any good[u] general [/u]beginners guide to game dev? Everything I find on this site seems to be very specific (lighting, cameras, etc) Also how much harder is it to create a first person vs third person game? Thank-you very much [img][/img]. Sorry if i'm asking obvious questions.