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  1. The DirectX11.1 API is the primary way of using high performance graphics in a Windows 8 Store game (generally via C++). There is a nice starter kit that handles the compiled mesh object (.cmo) file format (which is automatically created from .fbx, .obj and .dae formats). There is also a sample game built off of the toolkit - though both the sample game and toolkit require DX10 hardware or above. Starter kit - http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Visual-Studio-3D-Starter-455a15f1 Sample Hanoi 3D game - http://hanoi3d.codeplex.com/ If you want more control (and don't want to rely on the starter kit), I'd recommend starting with the DirectX template that comes with Visual Studio 2012. There are also a plethora of talks on channel9.msdn.com from the //Build conference this year and last year that you can check out to learn more.
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