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  1. If your passion is to be a concept artist, then I would say you need to forget about a Masters degree (unless you intend to teach, which is a good back-up plan) and concentrate on refining your skills. Your portfolio is okay, but you need to improve your life-drawing skills, your understanding of anatomy, colour theory and painting, as well as environmental design and architecture, and industrial design - if you want to compete with 'entry-level concept artists'. The role of the concept artist is a extremely competitive in the industry, and your portfolio needs to stand head-and-shoulders above your peers. Studios will sponsor you if you're what they want. Save your money and attend the GDC career fairs. I've [i]never[/i] brought in an artist based on what level of degree they have - it all boils down to their portfolio (all of the Art Directors I've spoken to feel the same). Try to find an atelier school near you - a school that teaches classical drawing and painting skills. A lot of the other skills you can learn through self-study and material available online. Good luck, it's a hard road, but remember it's a life-long journey. If you're passionate about it, let nothing stop you from reaching your goal!