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  1. strange occurence mittle piecec++ code I wrote

    Okay, but where does he get this number 49?
  2. strange occurence mittle piecec++ code I wrote

    no, it does the following thing otherwise paste the code and test it.... type eerste liefdes nummer: a (I type a instead of a number and press enter) the result is:type tweede liefdesnummer: 0 * 49 = 0 (that is what it puts on the screen after the enter of the first a nightcreature..are you speaking dutch?spreek je nederlands?
  3. Hello everybody, I have started with studying C++ and it goes very well since I never have learned a program language. I studied from the e-book juming into C++ which is a very good ebook for beginners. Now I have wrote a piece of code and when I put in the numbers it is going good. But <hen I do a test and as a first number or in dutch type eerste number and then an a or b I get a very strange result..Can somebody explain why he is doing that? So I learn more about behavour of C++ I have wrote the code in orwell devC++ the code is: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main () { int eerste_liefdes_nummer; int tweede_liefdes_nummer; cout << "type eerste liefdes nummer: "; cin>> eerste_liefdes_nummer; cout << "type tweede liefdes nummer: "; cin>>tweede_liefdes_nummer; cout << eerste_liefdes_nummer << " * " << tweede_liefdes_nummer << " = " << eerste_liefdes_nummer * tweede_liefdes_nummer << endl; cout << "jullie zijn heel erg verliefd"; } Patrick
  4. beginning C++ game programming

    which website?is it free?
  5. beginning C++ game programming

    I have the e-book from michael dawson beginning c++ game programming but not the cd due to an ebook..anyone know where I can find the contence of the cd rom?
  6. beginning C++ game programming

    and what is the difference between ruby program language and python?
  7. beginning C++ game programming

    I heard that some game engine and animation software for game devolpment use this correct?
  8. beginning C++ game programming

    Are there some good python tutorials for beginning or free ebooks? what are the advantage of python language?
  9. beginning C++ game programming

    what do you find the best if I want in the future go for 3d games pc and console?? C++ or java?
  10. beginning C++ game programming

    is this also for beginners stroustrup's book?is there a link for getting it free online?
  11. dev-C++

    I read on the internet that dev-c++ from bloodshed is not updated and is full of bugs? Is this true and if it is what is the best tool to use instead?
  12. What do you people think of this book as a beginner? Anyone know a good book to start learning C++? This is the link to the book