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  1. Still working on my 2 new titles
  2. Our MMO Card game title is in the works and going well :)
  3. Working on new game
  4. Paused the game dev, doing MOBA server engine to help inidies
  5. Working on 2 small Scroller games
  6. Our RTS TD game is out! try it out :)
  7. Planned release October 25th, 2013 :)
  8. Planned release October 25th :)
  9. 3 weeks left before game release :)
  10. Final stages of testing !!!
  11. Testing Alpha release Yeah !!!
  12. Working on interactive in game tutorial
  13. Almost done with Art & Sounds oufff !
  14. Still working in Blender for game assets
  15. 3D art with blender (i'm not an artiste)
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