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  1. GiroKa

    Any hope for Indie developers?

    Hmmmm. Gimmy 1M I'll easally transform it in a 10M a years game no crowdfunding required. Do know what these other are doing with their money. The only reason AAA game cost 100M is for the same reason the goverment pays 159k for 5k stair case . Too much fat and secret handouts.
  2. GiroKa

    Any hope for Indie developers?

    I have a full time 40 hrs a week job and I developed game for fun. My first game took me 1.5 year of part time work had a lot of fun making it and learned a lot too. It is now lost in the universe of the internet, but 4 people manage to find it and I made $16 dollars in three years LOL (no effort on advertising obviously ). Working on my second game now sold my old hot rod that was in the garage and hire a graphic artist for a few months (note :My first game graphics are mine lol I am a coder but eeeeech!!!). This time around I will try the crowdfunding route; again like most of you said my chance are NULL at best but I will still finish the game regardless of funding or not. Presently have completed myself the server game engine( @grumpyOldDude saving $2M) and still working on client side stuff got two 60 seconds 3D blender generated Video trailers plus one Video teaser which again I made my self but with my graphic artist drawings/illustrations(@grumpyOldDude Saving $250K). I am 8 months plus or minus 8 of part time work away for my million dollars spit in the ocean. My only rant when you freeging budget is over $1M-$5M you are not a indie you are a subsidiary of a AAA+. don't crowdfund !!! ask your freeging mother CORP for more instead Grrrrr!!!!!!
  3. Still working on my 2 new titles
  4. Our MMO Card game title is in the works and going well :)
  5. GiroKa

    Multy player Game limit per area

    Thx guys. I had this idea for an PVP MMO where individual players could roam a vaste world and go anywhere they want and  where they could ask other players to become allies in order to acheive a gold. but I realize i'll have the create some kind of venture group(Max. 15 players) tracking intead of have them simply follow each other around after agreeing to help. This venture group would only last the current game session. I don't want clan like association just sporadict grouping because the end prize can only be won buy a single player, so its every man for himself ....... So for a given area everytime max players  is reached i'll create a new instance of area keeping in mind venture groups.
  6. Hi,   I was wondering on a PVP Quest based RPG MMO what happens when and excessive number of players get to a specific area( i.e. the throne room in a dungeon) ?   I figure at a certain point they create a new instance which bring to the question if you want to fight a rival group for the prize you could have a problem where half you group is on another instance  no ?    
  7. Working on new game
  8. Paused the game dev, doing MOBA server engine to help inidies
  9. Working on 2 small Scroller games
  10. Our RTS TD game is out! try it out :)
  11. Planned release October 25th, 2013 :)
  12. Planned release October 25th :)
  13. 3 weeks left before game release :)
  14. Final stages of testing !!!
  15. Testing Alpha release Yeah !!!
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