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  1. Release Form - Voice Acting

    Thanks guys, We may be able to contact a lawyer to look it over, but I will take the advice of grabbing a template first. I wasn't sure what to call it, but a Contractor Agreement sounds about right. I will also ask the voice actress herself if she has one she has previously used. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Hi GameDev! We are currently in the process of having an voice actress do a recording for us. However, to protect both her and us, we will be providing a release form for her to sign.   Would anyone know how to create, or where to find an example of, a media release form specifically catered to voice recording? It needs to include the specifics of:   1. All recordings submitted are owned by the company, and free to use commercially; she's essentially doing this as a portfolio piece for us. 2. No monetary compensation is obligated, but will be given per our discretion; in other words, if we make anything, we would hope to compensate her for her time in the future.   Thank you!
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