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  1. To understand better the history of that world I suggest reading about Humans (or Lore of the lands). Because the story about arhorians kicks off after the humans came. And abot second one, the difference will be seen when I'll post all the race descriptions. Right now I'm busy with history and events that happened in that world. To make that world "alive" I need to spend a lot of time thinking of how would the world develop. It's a little disorganized right now, but I'll make it's more appealing when I'll have free time.
  2.   it shows!   lot of back story there.   but quite good!   i'd say you're on the right track, allowing races to "evolve" as the back story dictates. this leads to a continuity in the design of the game universe that is difficult to beat.   it may be just me, but it seems the whole "lizard man" "bird man" "animal-man" thing has been done enough. probably because its the first obvious source of inspiration.   but technically, race is a subcategory of species, not a separate species. like redguard vs imperial as opposed to human vs kajhitt in Oblivion.   if you're looking for races, as opposed to species, you'll have the same species, with minor physiological adaptations to local environment, with different cultures, value systems, religious beliefs, government types, economic systems, and of course, different histories.   the main influencing factor for the development of different races will be long periods of geographic isolation between groups of peoples. Well, after I come up with their place of living, how they developed trough history and what influenced their lifestyle, it becomes really easy to write.
  3. I guess I wasn't so clear about all my ideas and as I said before, there is to much to post for one time. Anyway I will deal with all the questions that appeared in order.   First of all about "Social Skills". I was misunderstood, but that's my mistake. "Social skills" are just skill that will be used in Passive stance. I should have talked about this earlier but still - there will be 2 stances : Passive and Agressive. In passive stance you will be given all the social skills and some of agressive skills for your interaction with a world. After thinking for a long time I decided that near 12 Social Skills (let's just call them SS for now) will be enough to have a feeling of great interactivity in the world. They will be placed in their usual spots on keyboard and ofc wil be configurable (still thinking of  a way to conviently place all the actions). But that's just social one, and there will be much more if we're talking about Special Skills or agressive (later about them). So controls won't be complex or anything, it's like using spells in any other game, which will be automated by the time you get acustomed to it.   Secondly, about emphasizing on social aspect. It means I want people to actually play the role they've created for themselves. Basically it's Role Playing raised in absolute. But what will stop players from constantly killing each other or running around doing foolish things, that they will never do in real life. First of all it's permanent death for a character. You will be able to create only one character at a time, and it will be most tedious time consuming process in entire game ( I'll be more specific later). Because you're not just creating an avatar, you're creating a "living" being with it's own story and name. I think the customization process will be pretty hard to make, because of all the options I want to include ( well, actually entire project will costly and pretty hard to do). So basically it will revolve around players living their "another life" in a different world that they can affect. People will shape world around them and make it their own, and players will be the one to move the history of that world ahead. So about customizing and creating a character, which is one of the important parts of the game. Players will be prompted to take one of the routes which they want to follow (they will be basic for any RPG lover) but with their own twist. You will be able to become absolutely anyone, despite of choosen path (or you can create your own by spending more time on creation). Basically if you started with merchant setup, nobody will say a thing if you want to become a warrior or anyone else. But it won't be easy. As in real life to trully master any job/mastery/position out there you will need to work (unless you want to play as a smelly trum who can die from starvation). To describe it's all better I will give an example of starting with merchant preset.   Merchant preset: Your traits and skills will be optimized to start playing as a merchant. It's a mediocre class that will need ppl to use their head, because they will need to understand the definition of "Supply and purchase" as well as some economic knowledge to run their buissness smoothly. After creating a character you will placed in a city of your choise, where you will be granted a special storage place on local warehouse (or port/trading depot if there is no warehouse). There your starting goods will be stored, they will be randomly generated, on basis of local recources and demand in this territory. You won't be given some really rare items from another continent, so it won't break the economy. After that you can do whatever you want. Go the market and rent a trade booth, joing trade caravan/ship or just buy a mule to sell your goods somewhere else. Or you can just let it stay in the warehouse (then it will be claimed by owners, or diposed of if it starts to rot, if it's food). Then you can use money for anything you want, but as a in real life you must understand the consequences of your choise. Usually MMOs have only "Now" and "Before" for your character. I want to bring "After", so players would start thinking ahead of their action. It will be more medieval like to say - foolish die young. However, let's assume I created a character with a story of merchant who wanted to be a city guard, so he uses all the money on entry fee and accomodation and starts as a trainee on his everyday duty as a guard.   But ofc, not everyone  out there will be able  to spend a lot of time playing. this brings us to the next question - other devices. After you log out, your character will stay present in that world and will be directed by bot to do usual things  such as - sleeping and eating, to maintain energy. You will be able to change the behaviour of your character by simple commands which will differ considering what your character can do and what occupation he has taken. For all the smartphones will be released special free application that will help you to keep track of your character and his well-being, as well as help you to do some chores. That means, for example, for our merchant it will help him to keep trac of all the deals and operate the prices/stock trough accountant book (if he bought it from the shop in game). But if he is a city guard, that means he will see the statistics of chores to do in quarters, wher to go on patrol and so on. So trough some basic commands that player will be able to send to server, he will be able to stay in touch with his character.   About consoles. Main platform for such game will be PC. But consoles can also have their share. The best example is Dust 514 for PS3, that connects PC and PS3 via one universe. I'm still thinking what can be brougt on consoles to connect it to PC and let it affect world as well as PC players will do.   So the difference between any other MMO will be that, players will shape the world around them. Kingdoms will fall, cities will expand, new lands discovered, disasters will happen. My idea is to give a player an ability to write his own story, as we do in real life. And he can be remembered there or not, but either small or big, he will be able to affect the world. I will create a base, and I want to see where it will go, if it ever happens, and will it become a full fledged universe.   Anyway, there still a lot to talk about. But here are some small things to think about. I'm waiting for new pack of questions or just will post more info after some time.
  4. Well, that's why I came up with Ulvaskars. Pretty basic - mix of a wolf and a new race of Arhorians. I'll give visual representation later. About society and culture - already written for each race beside Dvergs (I can't come up with anything for them). I'm aiming to become a script writer, so I try to work my ways around a lot of stuff right now. Also here is small part about Lothars and one small town (each city, town and landmark will have their own lore). Also I'll post world map (blank and ready to be filled). So in these small posts I'll reveal some things about this universe of mine, I hope it will be interesting.    NOTE: both lothar lore descriptions have expired. New one is not yet ready. It will have more info, and will redo some events that happened when humans came.   [attachment=14607:Humans(L).rtf] - rough draft of Lothars [attachment=14606:The Lore of the Lands- Tales of Chaos, Lothars..rtf] - editted version with proper style (thanks to my previous editor D:) [attachment=14605:Greenkeep.rtf] [attachment=14608:Foraland map.png] Lack of rivers is disturbing, I know.
  5. Creating big universe for a fantasy world is pretty hard, I was working on one for near a year (yeah, I know it's not enough). And the hardest part about this were the races. I'm presenting you races I came up with. Leave your feedback if at least something peeked your interest.   Note: author is not a native english speaker and has a unique way of showing races (not usual description).      For now I have tought of 4 races: Lothars (Basically humans) Arhorians Ulvaskars Dvergs First I will be tallking about Ulvaskars and Arhorians.They will be described by The Chronicler, special character created for sole reason of recording the history of that world.     Extract from “Chronicler's book”, Crucial historical event for the arhorian culture and ulvaskars. Year 1339, time between Age of Madness and Age of Redemption. Dev.note: Time when arhorians(sailors) became arhorians(dessert), and birth of ulvaskar race.     ...After the Age of Madness, arhorians left the shores of the Averum and sailed back to their city, called “The Storm Tamer”, the biggest ship in Foraland, serving as a home for arhorians for several centuries. However, the only thing they found were wreck and crushed parts of their home. This city, that survived even the roughest storms and waves, was gone. Destroyed by unknown force, giant ship took all the lives with it when drowned. At that time they were worshiping Sea Goddess, portrayed as the faceless maiden, believed to rule over all the salty waters and arhorians, the children of the sea. However, she didn't protect their one and only home. These events have lead to rejection of her as a deity and disorder in arhorian society. At that time they became broken – mentally and physically. Left without home, they were traversing the sea without aim, until one day they stumbled upon the land of Khal'zir, which was yet to be known as the greatest desert. Back then it was just an archipelago, tropical and humid. But before arhorians were even able to drop anchor, fate brought another disaster for arhorians - earthquake. The dormant volcano awoke from it's slumber and made the earth tremble. The eruption was of such force that the chain of islands were scorched and burned by lava and burning rocks, even though they were far from it. While earth was trembling, the land started to rise from ocean, connecting islands. And in the center of this chaos were arhorians. In a matter of days a huge continent appeared, Tremble was of such force that even the coast of Averum was aware of it.   After such event, arhorians were believed to be gone...   But fate finally spared them, and they survived this catastrophe surrounded by hills that created natural earth pocket. When they were able to get out and volcano has settled, they appeared in the midst of a vast scorched land, which now looked like desert. They thought that the Sea Goddess has finally abandoned them. And decided never go to sea again.       Year 1342,   First arhorian settlement was made from wreck, that was left after the ships. It was established near the lake, which was reduced to the size of a big pond. But it was deep and was supported by subterranean waters. After a while they've learned how to mine special sandrocks and then temper them into sandstone with sun and fire. Near that time they were able to find their first precious ores, which they will learn how to handle and turn into fine jewelery, in a year or two. In 5 years they have recovered physically but their mental state was getting worse with each day. Leaders of arhorians knew that their people will be doomed if left without spirit guidance, so the sea priests, who were communicating with Goddess, tried to establish a link with spirits that were present to this land. Many futile tries were made until one shaman succeeded in connection to the spirit world. The person who was able to do it, was brother of the High Captain (analogy to King in other culture). At first everyone thought that he became mad, and was affected by disease. But then they understood that spirits were talking trough him.   From that day and now on, arhorians were able to communicate with spirit world, and now believe that water is not the greatest element but equal to others. That was a truly good age for them. However, as it usually is, nothing goes smoothly in life for long... One old priest, who once was serving the Goddess and his followers called the First Shaman mad and out of his mind. They started to spread the rumors that it's the Sea Goddess who talks trough him and she tries to make arhorians her worshipers once more, to make them suffer. This speech divided the arhorians, and soon after it first civil war came.   Most of arhorians, with memory still fresh of events which happened in the past, followed the old priest and denied the spirits. High Captain and his brother First Shaman, were driven away to the outskirts of dessert, the rocky coast, where nothing could grow and land was even more harsh than in dessert. But their faith in spirits helped them to keep fighting. A lot of small battles occurred throughout the year. Blood of their own kind was spilled and sand has sucked all of it. In the 1347 last battle occurred. In this battle where the fate of arhorians was decided. Two brothers, who led this battle and their people fought well, but war is cruel and never has a happy ending. The First Shaman was gravely wounded. The only one who was able to communicate with spirits was on a verge of death. His brother, the High Captain, blinded by rage, struck down the old one. But even after he was struck down, his half torn body was able to create a curse of unbelievable power and curse High Captain and his followers. War was over but the Death Curse, made the life of those who fought for good, hellish.   All those who were struck by curse began changing. Their appearance was changing daily, they looked diseased and newly born children were more of abominations, than arhorians. First they were pitied. Then disgusted. And in the end – feared. They were driven away from the dessert, and even continent. Those who hated sea were once again tossed in raging storms, abandoned by their own race, spirits. No shaman, no spirits, no healing, no hope...   Time passed by, cursed and abandoned arhorians were becoming insane. Curse was getting stronger each day and High Captain and his followers were becoming weaker. Some of those who couldn't control themselves were tossed in the sea, others killed... Storm though was getting weaker too, the season of storms was ending, and when the sky became clear again, they were near the land. Exhausted and clinging to life they embarked on unknown snowy land.   Thick forest granted them brief protection from cold winds and plenty of animals - food. However Curse never left them, and every day was a pain for them. The High Captain, knew that he needs to do something. So he tried to establish a spirit link like his brother did. He tried a lot of times but each time it was a failure. He didn't know what his brother did to see the spirits. He was in despair. Each day captain was going to the same place, under the mountain, and was trying to feel something. But in one day he felt presence. He opened his eyes to only see a warg, big and white, almost invisible in snow, despite the size. His red eyes were looking at him without any intent but curiosity. High Captain acted immediately and attacked first. Out of despair, pain and anger he ran towards it. But he wasn't able to do something. He just dropped his weapon and fell on his knees. Giant wolf was looking at him. Intelligent, strong and ... Godly? In the end he was able to see a spirit. The spirit of North, in the form of a warg. It spoke with him. Accusing him in mindless destruction of this land and mindless slaughter. High Captain bowed tin forgivness, and cried for help for his people. Captan said that he will give his life away for his kinsmen, he was begging the spirit to help him. Spirit said that it's impossible to heal the curse. This one was used by dying and powerful priest, who was consumed by the same Madness that led humans to the land of Averum. However, it's possible to "change" the curse and let it develop in another way. After hearing the spirit, High Captain agreed on everything proposed by it. So the blood of arhorians was mixed with the strongest creature out there on the North Continent - wargs. Curse didn't go away immediately but pain became lighter with each day, and changes were different. With each day the warg's blood was overtaking over arhorians, changing their body and healing their souls. That day Ulvaskars were born and called this vast snow land - the Uldamar. Arhorians though re-established their spirit connection and now led by Grand Shaman and High Captain in memory of those 2 brothers.     Also I present you some concept art on arhorians (early drafts) when they've established in desert. [attachment=14599:arh_1.png] [attachment=14600:arh_2.png] [attachment=14601:arh_3.png] [attachment=14602:arh_4.png] [attachment=14603:arh_5.png]
  6. Author is not english native speaker. If you want to help him edit the text, you're welcome to do so.   I have a big idea, that of course have been thought of before, but yet was not implemented in any of actual games.   But before I start, I want to ask a question : What separates games from our lives? Let this question stay in the air for a while, in meantime I'll tell you about a game that I was bearing for long.   Imagine a world where you can be anyone you want, only limited to logic and prespective of the game world. Sounds trivial and pretty generic, right? We can become anyone we want by just simply picking the game of an interest in the store and living trough the life of the protagonist. But that's his life. Even in RPGs we get limited amount of choise to shape our character. That's why we should look before all the games. Remember tabletop games where you trully could be anyone you want with story, being that you came up with, where people actually used their head to make characters alive. But even games like this exist (Remember NWN for example). These kind of games are classic and cherished by players and game industry. However, they lack one, and only thing - connection to our real live. Everytime we return from adventure, characters are forgotten and brushed aside by problems or work. But we've reached the age where electronic devices are all around us and used on daily basis. So why nobody still did it? Don't want to mix real world and imaginary? Fear of being devoured by another world? I can say one thing - none of these problems bug me. I just have an idea to share.   Setting: Alternative universe in early medieval with it's own technology progression (it's the easiest style for me that I'm acustomed to) Type: Cross-platform MMO and SP experience united.   Idea: The game will be focused on living the life of your character with various outcomes, and focusing on Role Playing part of the game, with certain possibilities to affect the world.While using your PC/Home console with synergy of mobile devices for character control and other things. (Note: This is almost realized in rewritten minecraft. Funny, but using it as a test areas is pretty convinient. We don't break laws though, and not going to sell altered product.) Gameplay: Depends on player. I'll divide gameplay functions in 2 big categories : Social and Battle.   Social: Players can interacte with world around them and each other with "Social skills" given to them from start or "Special Skills" that can be obtained in certain ways , be that just a usual chit-chat and moving certain objects or performing special actions and  trading. Basic as that. But that the first thing I want to emphasize upon. Usually we are left with emotions, usual gestures and some actions toward players/objects in MMO/game world. Can we broaden interactivity or not? Should we do it?I want to know what do you think about it. My idea is to divide all the objects in the game into categories, where used actions against them will change it's meaning depending on what object it's used on.  Example: Using command "Social Skill" "Push" on door will result in opening it from you (not toward you). Using it on a person will make you push that person. Using it on a object, you will attempt to move it (will depend on your STR level), etc.    So basically every skill will have few arguments:  Object it's used on Attribute that this skill will use after checking the object's group.   I want to discuss difficulties, pros and cons that it will bring. Will it be efficent?    That will be first thing I want to talk about. Because there is to much for one time. So this thread will be updated after a while and bring next question for discussion.   Please note that I'm not discussing the universe of the world which is already written and tested in several ages prior to distant future.   F.A.Q.   Related topic: Universe of this game