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    Hey everybody I'm new here was searching google and it's weird because I'm currently working on the breakout project too in XNA game studois 4.0. Except I have the neurosky mindset http://www.neurosky.com/Products/MindSet.aspx and I am trying to design a game where the paddle gets bigger and smaller depending on your brainwave frequency and how relaxed you are. (To be very brief the neurosky mindset reads you brianwaves and that's how relaxed, alert, asleep, in the middle of repaxed alert, or super alert you are) Good job getting the project done man. Congratulations. I for one am working through this online tutorial on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFNZSm4h008 to get a break out game done and I am using both my art (I'm an aritst) and my programming skills to get it done. It's great though that you got you game done i'm goin to play it first thing when I get home and tell you how awesome it is (if it's breakout, then it's awesome) This literally serves as an inspiration for me to get my game done. Thanks for even allowing this to exist.
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