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    10 Tips From Global Game Jam 2015

    A very interesting article you got there, although I think it could be longer. For example you could share what did you do in the most difficult situations, what you decided on when taking difficult choices and how you did etc.. Overall I like this article, it feels kind of unique it's just that if you could expand it a little further than just writing the tips and describing them in a few sentences I believe it would become a great one. Anyway keep up the good work!
  2. Can love really exist nowadays?
  3. teckpow

    So, I want to make a game engine...

    In my opinion C++ is a good tool, JS is a good tool too! Basically every language can do everything, all you need is imagination. As mentoined above, it is good to start with smaller projects like clonning the old classics or small JRPG games just to get the feeling of how a game loop works. You can jump to higher projects as you get the feeling of the code. When you feel you can do it you should google for RTS design guides, this will pretty much help you. Start with 2D first, their coding is more friendly, then you can proceed into 3D. I hope I was useful. Best of luck, Teckpow
  4. Okay: 1. As long as you want, just be sure it makes sence, put yourself on the player's place, that should by itsefl help you. 2. Unity is a pain for such a small project, use something easier like PyGame or Orx for 2d project, they are free unlike Unity which cost a four digit number(ofc if you want to develop in a legal environment). You should check the list from wikipedia given above and look for 2d engines only, because believe me or not but JRPG(Zelda is a JRPG) are lightweight projects. They require less quality graphics(pixelart magic) and more coding because of the systems(dialogs,inventory,battle etc.) 3. Where did that come from? It is your choice, but personally I would not. A JRPG looks good on PC and Web, but definitely not on fancy things like XBox(As I mentioned it is your choice). 4.Definitely free, I believe this is your first time on JRPGs(otherwise you wouldn't be posting this). Developing a JRPG looks easy but is pretty complex so when you are experienced enough you may consider putting a price on it but this part is out of my understanding, I've always used to develop open source/free projects to support the Free Software Foundation. Anyways it's up to you on this part. Best of Luck, Teckpow
  5. teckpow

    Browser games magic

    Sir, I don't understand what you mean, but I didn't mean to offend you.
  6. teckpow

    Browser games magic

    Thank you all for your advices guys! I really appreciate it!! :)       PS: Excuse me sir, but where did that come from? I don't remember saying anything about Java
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