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  1. I need some advice

    Thanks for responding to my post. Yes I will have some quicktime events. Thanks for the advice on this. Do you have any other advice for me?
  2. I need some advice

    Hello! I'm working on a game interface course and would like some overall advice. Let's say your game interface is centered on a heroic doctor in a hospital full of chaos. Your mission is to kill monsters with guns, and throwing projectiles. This game is on the Xbox 360. Command function is triggered by pressing the LT button to aim, and RT button to fire. To throw projectiles you press the LB button. To pick up objects you walk up to an object and press the X button. When you grapple with a monster you either press the LT and RT simultaneously, or you press the A button. Depending on the situation. This is an action/adventure game. I need to know if my functions will make easy game play. What are your thoughts and recommendations? I am open to new ideas!