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  1. When can we expect the tracking tools to be fixed? @PokemonGoApp
  2. RT @PokemonGoNews: #PokemonGO has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Android devices! https://t.co/m7M9XDfKdI
  3. When shall the Pokémon GO tracking tools be fixed? I can't tell distance and the direction finder seems bugged, too. @PokemonGoApp
  4. I wonder if there are easier resources for developing 3D games in OpenGL.
  5. Can the Warmachine and Hordes franchise get more love? Because this cosplay is beautiful. :D #Warmachine #Hordes https://t.co/aHSAXcsNnl
  6. I'm thinking about getting into engine building, I wonder what kind of features I could add to make mine stand out.
  7. Hey, I've been working for a while in C++ with Allegro5 and I was hoping to take a little breather from the 2D realm and get my feet wet in 3D, but I want to do it through open source coding, so I was looking at learning OpenGL with C++, but I can't find any OpenGL learning resources that are newer than 2001-2004. Is this a bit of a problem or has OpenGL become that stable?   Does anyone know a good resource to learn OpenGL for absolute newbs? I mean DLing the files needed, to writing your own code.   Thanks.     EDIT: I've found a good video series on YouTube to help me get started with the API. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2E88A9FE78FBF3B8   I'll just be using these unless I come across something better, but if there are any tips or suggestions you would like to share, please leave a reply, thank you.
  8. Thanks for the input, but my biggest hurdle I'm feeling right now is what would be the best site (other than one I bought) to host my stuff on?
  9. Hello GameDev.net.   I'm a recent grad from university in game design and I'm wondering about making an impressive portfolio to show to potential employers. I'm not requiring that the industry be game development specifically, but something in the fields of software design/engineering, modelling and simulation or general programming. I'm currently also studying for my GREs and applying to grad school, so I'm hoping for a decent paying job that will afford me the time to get the classes for that done (if that helps to paint a better picture for what I'm aiming at.)   I'm hoping to make an online portfolio that can display games I generate in Unity3D, videos of games that might have controllers other than keyboard and mouse (i.e. I have and develop for the Oculus Rift), and my resume, though I will probably just use my LinkedIn page in lieu of that.   So, I'm wondering if anyone here would have advice on good online services would allow me to make a good portfolio, and what I should specifically include (if I missed something in the above comments).
  10.   It would help to know what IDE you are using.  If you can provide a small project that does this, that would also probably be helpful.        Visual Studio 2010. It's one of the tags for this thread.
  11. Hey everyone, thanks for responding. I'm not entirely new to game development, but my exerience thus far has been in GameMaker, Flash, and Unity. I'm familiar with moddeling in 3DS Max and somewhat with Maya (I just prefer to use 3DS Max for some reason) and I'm trying to break into making games from raw code, so I opted to go ahead and work in C++ (since it's the industry standard) and use the Allegro API since it's open source and I keep the rights to all the games I make. Lately I've been having a problem of my computer freezing up when I open an Allegro project I'm working in. If anyone knows what that's about, I'd appreciate it greatly.     Oh, I'm also familiar with how to work in Photoshop, but I'm currently learning pixel art to make Allegro games. Just thought I should throw that out there as well.
  12. RT @ExtraCreditz: You can pick up GameMaker Studio Standard for free right now: http://t.co/VNSFlZBziB
  13. Hey there everyone, I'm a student in college and I'm starting out on making games out of C++ with the Allegro5 in MSVS2010. I was wondering if there was anyone that has built games with these tools before and would be able to give me advice or if there was a game dev group working with those now that I could learn off of. Thank you for reading.