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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply. I'll try to practice.
  2. I found only one information. Crepuscular rays of X-Ray Engine seems to be using the depth map. I want to know the implementation crepuscular rays are visible even when the sun does not exist in the screen.
  3. I search it by the word Sun Shafts,God Rays and Crepuscular rays. However, I am found only for implementation of CryEngine. Please Help!
  4. Hi, All I know how to implement the Sun Shafts of screen space that is used in CryEngine. However, this way is ineffective if the sun does not exist in a screen. I want to implement a Sun Shafts that are used in the Stalker. How does this method implement it? If you may know some, please teach me. I am glad when there are documents and source code.
  5. Hi,All I want to convert a source code of SSDO[Screen Space Directional Occlusion] written in GLSL+OpenGL of GPUPro into HLSL+DirectX9. I have to try to transplant. It does not work. Attach files is DirectX9+HLSL test project. I hardly know OpenGL. Please Help... GPUPro1 Source Code here ttp:// GPUPro1 SSDO Only here ttp://