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  1. Well, the link illustrates the usual page flip, like Harism did. And I'm not sure it's worth it because ultimately we have to make sure that the mesh doesn't have any visible "breaks" in places where the flat piece connects with the piece that's "rolled" around the cylinder
  2. Google page flipping animation

    That's why I wrote "obj sequence" which means a sequence of obj meshes, which could be loaded as keyframes later.
  3. Google page flipping animation

    Ok, so if I do such an animation in Maya, which format should I export it to? Obj sequence?
  4. Well, this is kinda half the pain, because the apex isn't situated in the middle between your finger and the book spine.
  5. Google page flipping animation

    Thanks, I believe so too. I suppose there is no way to know for sure.
  6. Google page flipping animation

    Google Play Books has a nice flipping animation. Does anybody know how to reproduce this effect?
  7. So I have an assignment to implement a certain 3D page flipping effect, but I can't find any tutorials or algorithms to do so. I heard the effect is available on Google eBook reader. See the pictures: [attachment=12182:2.jpg] [attachment=12183:3.jpg] Of course it's implied that the effect should be pretty accurate with the texture, so it doesn't deform it. The only parameter should be the X position of the finger on the screen, so no fancy up-down warping needed. Does anybody have any ideas of how to proceed?