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  1. Game Interface Feedback

    Thanks to all for participating. I have decided to make the following modifications: 1. No mouse input as it is rather confusing to have children using keyboard and mouse input for a game intended to be similar to Mario – or any other game of the sort – on that respect. 2. I will keep the actions commands with Z, X, C, Space, as a remembrance of those PC games that I played back on the late 90’s. 3. Tooltips will appear and stay on screen for a certain time before disappearing. After all, that was the solely purpose of including the use of the mouse in the interface: to provide tooltips on mouse over.
  2. Hello! I am working on an assignment about a game interface and I need feedback. I thank your participation and welcome your opinions and suggestions. The game aims at the children audience, and features our protagonist, Joe, in his attempts to find a solution to the problems affecting his community. In a 2D platform world he must pass several obstacles to finally find out what the problem was, and solve it. My interface has a health bar on the typical top left corner of the screen, with buffs being placed to the left of the health bar. Under the health bar there is a backpack icon that shows Joe’s inventory if clicked, including maps and quest log. Some major functions are: Command: Walk – default movement Left/Right Keys Sprint – enhanced movement Hold Left/Right Arrow Keys Climb – twigs, ropes and also some non-vertical surfaces Up Arrow Key Actions Grab – as grabbing objects to move around or to throw at enemies. Z Pick up – as picking up collectible items from the floor – e.g. health potions, or bonus experience points. X Action – pull a lever, open a door, or chat with an NPC. C Now regarding usability, my interface will implement usability as follow: Control acknowledgement: selected tags will glow in a particular color and are bigger in size than the non-selected ones. In all there is a specific color scheme to give users control acknowledgement. Confirmation pop-ups: there will be none because the game will not have items worth interrupting users to ask them to confirm removing them from inventory. It will be a game aiming children so there will be no epic gear or similar items worth players’ interruption of their gaming experience. >>> The game is pretty basic as it addresses a segment of the market that does not demand the sophistication that, say, needed by MMORPG or FPS players. Remove unnecessary tutorials: tutorials will be only at the beginning of the game where users will complete few quests that introduce players to the use the interface. The completion of these quests is necessary in order to progress in the game. Also, there will be small tutorials, when new content is introduced to the player. >>> Tutorials are designed to be as short as possible, so that players do not spend too much time learning to play instead of actually playing the game. Tooltips: on mouse hover of all creatures and collectible items a small tooltip will inform players of the specificities of the object being hovered over. It will have also a cosmetic intent. Use active interface: this is a nice feature that many popular games incorporate into their interfaces. It adds immersion and interactivity to the game because players can see what items they have in the inventory and use them if necessary. Thank you!
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